Tuesday, April 23, 2024

This Is A Serious Question: What Has Kamala Harris Actually Accomplished?

You know that President Biden must be doing bad when Saturday Night Live and others on late night television start to make fun of him.

I’m not gonna lie. I thought I would never see the day when Hollywood would go after one of their own, but I guess it was only a matter of time.

Let’s be honest here people, things are really bad right now. Everything is expensive and gas is gonna go right back up again because a fake prince overseas declared it.

Oh yeah let’s also not forget that Russia and North Korea might also nuke the entire planet.

Wait, scratch that North Korea part because Vice President Harris stated that we are allies, so that makes me feel better.

Hopefully my readers can sense the sarcasm in that last sentence.

This, however, brings up a good question of “what has Kamala Harris done for the country?” What are her accomplishments so far to make America a land of the free and home of the brace? I took it upon myself to just simply google “Vice President Kamala Harris accomplishments” and to be honest the results were very mediocre at best.

The latest article about her accomplishments was from January, which tells me she hasn’t done much to help in 2022. In addition, the internet could only list five things that are somewhat related to accomplishments. I’ve listed them below. 

1 – Addressing the southern border “crisis”

I don’t understand how this is a presidential accomplishment, because every morning as I watch the news, I see things about the border crisis. When someone in government says that they will “address it,” without announcing concrete steps they’re taking to do just that, it simply means they will think about it for a minute and nothing will happen.

It’s like when the HOA told me I had too many Halloween decorations that were too scary and I said I would “address it” meaning I’ll think about it super seriously for three minutes and take them down on All Saints Day.

Biden has really lowered the bar when it comes to the definition of addressing something, but I guess just getting a solid thought in his brain is an accomplishment. 

2 – Confirming Biden administration nominees

Have you ever been at work and your boss asks you if they should hire the temp to work full time and you’re just like “Sure, whatever.” Well, in the eyes of the current government, that is considered an accomplishment. And so is Harris sitting in the Senate and rubber-stamping nominations with a vote to break the 50-50 tie on the worst ones.

I will say, however, maybe this really is an accomplishment for Vice President Harris because it often appears Biden still believes Abraham Lincoln is still alive. I can only imagine what the first list of Biden’s administration nominees looked like. I heard a rumor that Superman, Garfield the Cat, and Captain America were on the first draft of nominees. Maybe Kamala had a hand in paring that down.

3 – Helping pass the American Rescue Plan

This might actually be a real accomplishment that the Vice President helped put together. It’s a plan that gives more government money to people that don’t want to work. That’s why if you look at Biden’s twitter he is always talking about all the jobs that his administration created. Now let’s be clear here, people; he didn’t create these jobs, Vice President Kamala Harris just approved a bill to pay people not to work. COVID is over, so get back to work, y’all! 

4 – Briefly became the first woman to be (Acting) President of the United States

This is true, she became the first female President of the United States for an hour or so. Biden was undergoing a health examination and was put to sleep for it. Remember when you were a kid on a plane and the pilot would let you sit in the cockpit where you pretended to fly the plane? Pretty much this is the same thing. The real question I have is, what kind of health examination was the President going through that he had to be put to sleep for it? The last health examination I had I sat in the waiting room for an hour and then the doctor came out and just told me I was fat.  

5 – Achieving progress, though not victory, on voting rights

I don’t really understand how this is an accomplishment because we’re still talking about this in the news. They’re putting all these new rules and legislation in place so that voter fraud doesn’t happen. But in reality has anything really been accomplished? Because we haven’t even had an election yet with the administration’s new attempts to federalize voting, so how can we really test to see if we’ve achieved progress on voting rights? When it comes to voting rights, I see it very clearly as the average man. If you’re an American citizen you can vote for who runs this country and if you’re not, I’m sorry – you can’t vote. The issue I have here is the vice president latches on to things that were issues for this country hundreds of years ago. I mean, she does know that women have the right to vote and bathrooms aren’t segregated anymore, right? 

So to answer the question what Vice President Kamala Harris did for America I guess the answer would be absolutely nothing of substance.  Maybe she’s scared to do anything. After all, let’s remember that the President said “no one f**ks with the Bidens.”