Friday, May 24, 2024

How Much Farmland Does Bill Gates Need?

Answer: Enough to Destroy American Agriculture As We Know It

It isn’t often that names trigger my blood to boil and jaw to clench with anger, rising from deep within my gut. But Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are names that should trigger everyone. In the spirit of Dumb and Dumber, if ‘evil’ and ‘eviler’ had human faces, those faces would be Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.

The eccentricity of these men, alone, screams, psychopathic, but there is method to their madness, because while we’re still pondering how crazy they are, and trying to decide if they’re a threat worth taking seriously, these multi-billionaire monsters are making tracks toward hijacking America straight into a New World Order…rebranded.

According to Peter Sweden, Gates latest move is a brass $1.27 BILLION dollar contribution to the U.N. and W.E.F.’s Agenda 2030. And if you don’t know what that is, I suggest some reading, because the agenda just got fast-tracked.

Gates has already amassed enough land in America, to make himself the single largest owner of farmland in the country. And if you think he’s done… oh, my darling people…he is not.

My suggestion: start paying attention now, because it won’t be long before it’s too late.

What could Bill Gates possibly want with all that farmland? That’s the elephant in this room, so let’s flesh out a theory and try to connect some dots.

According to an update from The Gateway Pundit, 98 food manufacturing plants have been impacted or destroyed by fire in the last two years. I know I’m stating the obvious, here, but NINETY-EIGHT food manufacturing plants have been impacted or DESTROYED. There are fires and other accidents at food processing facilities, just like other factories, periodically. But nothing like what we’ve seen of late.

Have you noticed the narrative shifting toward, “the coming food crisis?” I have. And for every time the finger points at U.S. suppliers and worker shortages and a myriad of other potential causes, we need to have three fingers pointing back at Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and everyone else involved with Agenda 2030. Because it’s all by design. The Epoch Times has even published a special 75-page magazine, detailing their investigations into the food manufacturing /supply chain crisis threatening to traumatize America.

They are literally killing the food supply chain and building factories that farm bugs…for your dining pleasure, and of course, all in the name of Climate Change and sustainability…and never forget…it’s for your health.  

Let’s recap:

  1. Bill Gates is now the largest owner of farmland in the U.S., and one of the major contributors to the U.N. and WEF’s 2030 Agenda.
  2. 98 food manufacturing plants have been destroyed in less than 2 years.
  3. Cricket farming manufacturers for human consumption, are a REAL THING, and they’re already hiding the stuff in your food.
  4. Climate change dictates we eat less meat and more sustainable forms of protein. I recall some stories about herds of cattle dying overnight…from heat exhaustion? I’m confused.
  5. If U.N. and WEF ‘players’ own the majority of farmland, control what gets grown or not grown, have an agenda for sustainability, and food processing plants are conveniently dropping like flies….

It’s peculiar, and it’s a pattern, and it conforms to things the UN and WEF have stated they’ve wanted, with Bill Gates, the single largest owner of farmland in America, singing along.

And it trends in the direction – at least in the direction – of making what you eat less available, and what they want you to eat more available. If not a more sinister direction than that.

You could even add something else. What European country is known as the breadbasket of the continent? Ukraine. Why are all the globalists insisting on continuing the war there when it’s essentially a stalemate which won’t be broken other than by a negotiated settlement? And what’s not happening while the fighting is going on?

The harvest, that’s what. In 2021, for example, Ukraine harvested 32 million tons of wheat. In 2022, that number fell to 19 million. Now, it’s projected that in 2023 that number will fall 50-70 percent from the 2022 total. There’s your food crisis, and instead of coming to the table to end the war and reverse this humanitarian disaster in the making, our muckety-mucks are screeching for “regime change” in Russia – something which Vladimir Putin will use nuclear weapons to prevent and which holds very little prospect for producing a Western-friendly leadership.

It looks like madness, but it fits goals already laid out in Davos and in other places. Like for example, Bill Gates’ 2020 TED talk in which he suggested reducing the world’s population by 10-15 percent. He didn’t suggest starving masses of people to death in that talk, but he’s not stupid – you don’t talk about such methods publicly.

It’s a long-established pattern on the Left – demoralize the masses, usually by agitation that the well-established status quo is immoral or unsustainable, destabilize that status quo, create a crisis that allows for radical transformation, and then promote acceptance of the “new normal.” You’re seeing it across the board; this is just one more facet – and the globalist/WEF gang do NOT deserve the benefit of the doubt. In fact, the opposite assumptions should be true.

Sure, call me a conspiracy theorist. I’ll own it if all this turns out to be nothing. But do these events seem random over the past several years? Why does Gates, who’s a computer software tycoon, want farmland out in the sticks all over the country? Things have tipped like skillfully and sadistically placed dominoes with respect to the world’s food supply, that anyone with a sound mind and capacity for reason, should at a minimum, question…if not sound the alarm, over.

Or maybe the dinner bell…

Crickets, anyone?