Friday, May 24, 2024

Pelosi Advocates Bringing Back The Confederacy, Sort Of

On Friday, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, dragged herself out of a bottle long enough to make a statement on the Democrat plan to establish a new slave class in the United States.

“Right now, the best thing that we can do for our economy is comprehensive immigration reform,”

“We have a shortage of workers in our country, and you see even in Florida, some of the farmers and the growers saying: ‘Why are you shipping these immigrants up north?'” Pelosi told reporters when asked if the southern border is secure. “‘We need them to pick the crops down here.'”

The fallout was pretty much immediate. Many pointed out the clear “we need the negroes to pick dang cotton” vibe and the insanity that the Speaker of the House would advise people to openly break the laws of the country she claims to represent-both farmers hiring illegals as well as migrants coming into the country illegally.

The disdain the so-called ‘elites” hold for the Hispanics also managed to shine through (she is usually a much better functioning alcoholic) saying that the only thing they’re good for is picking crops.

Gee, that sounds like these poor wretches are barely above the despised deplorables.

But Nancy’s racism and alcoholism aside, her statements showed the desperate need the Democrats have for the illegals to flood the country, and that need has nothing to do with picking crops. Americans manage just fine getting that done on our own.

For Pelosi and the other government and Democrat elites, open borders are not a problem but a solution.

The policies of the Biden administration over the last year and a half demonstrated to even the deafest and blindest of American citizens what is in store for them as designed by the Left.

They have no support from anyone whose livelihood is not supported by the government. People dependent on Uncle Sugar handouts and government workers, whose number for the first time in the country’s history recently overcame the number of people that actually produce things.

But even so, that waterfall of dependency simply is not enough and that’s where flooding the country with illegal migrants comes into play.

More future voters. More cheap labor for the donors.

A number of states implemented drivers for illegals programs. Fourteen and counting so far.

California, Vermont, Oregon, and Colorado all offer regular drivers’ licenses to illegals.

In most states, a driver’s license is all it takes to register to vote.

That’s of course if it’s not prohibited to ask for the one. The campaign to convince people that requiring an ID (like literally every country in the known world) is racist and mean-spirited. because minorities are somehow not capable to figure out how to find a DMV or take a picture.

Just another demonstration of what the elites think of minorities and to be frank, the rest of us as well.

“The [voter] registration form says, ‘Give us your driver’s license number or your Social Security if you have one.’ And if you don’t, you can still register,” said Ellen Swensen of the Election Integrity Project.

Election Integrity Project-California submitted over 100,000 reports of illegals voting to the state of California with the state not bothering to respond to or investigate any.

In California, they went a step beyond offering licenses to illegals.

Illegals applying for licenses in California are automatically put on voting rolls. You have to request to be removed.

Sending in an official request to be removed demonstrates proof that you, an illegal citizen registered to vote in the US. How often do you think the illegals are going to do that?

Voting when you are not a citizen is a federal crime. If you are hoping to apply for citizenship at some point that letter can be used against you as a reason for rejection. And legally must; it is a federal crime.

Democrats are creating a class of people who must vote to hold on to the benefits and comforts that they have in this country.

Here is how it works:

Illegals know that if laws are enforced they have to leave.

They know how laws work. They came from places where illegal immigration is punished by years of prison and forced labor.

The media convinces them that Republicans will enforce the laws (they never do, but people have a very short memory), so they are forced to vote democrat to remain here, at least from their perception.

It’s a way to stay in this country instead of going back to the hellhole you came from. And regardless of what the media tells a you-the socialist hell of Venezuela or cartel-run Mexico is their definition of a hellhole.

And I bet in places like California, the participation numbers among illegals are way higher than average. They have a clear and present reason to show up.

The rest of us looking at the difference between McConell and Pelosi and are not sure if it’s worth the drive.

This is voting under duress.

When offering illegal migrants driver’s licenses in Virginia was proposed, it was estimated that more than 300 000 people would receive them.

That’s tens of thousands more votes than the number needed to turn the state blue for the rest of its life.

That’s the reason why Democrats get so outraged when illegal border crossers are bussed into left-wing alcoves like California or New York. They already have cemented a majority there.

They need these people in Florida and Texas. They’re trying to flood red states and make them blue, the same way Obama flipped Minnesota from purple (at one point not so long ago) by moving over a hundred thousand Somalis to Minneapolis.

Doubling the crime rate and unemployment.

What you see in California is exactly what Pelosi means by “Comprehensive immigration reform.”

This is why the constant “the only way to close the borders is immigration reform.” The only way to fix inflation is “immigration reform.” The only way to stop BLM and reduce crime is “immigration reform.”

If Pelosi and her ilk succeed, what you see in California and New York will be your state. What little is left of the value of your vote will be reduced to nothing.

But it’s up to you whether they succeed, and the decision is only five weeks away.