Friday, July 12, 2024

Letting Noncitizens Vote Is Another Reason To End DC Home Rule

Democrats are desperate to make D.C. a state because they realize those are two guaranteed U.S. Senators for them. But like most Democrat-controlled jurisdictions it is incapable of effective governance.

The latest outrage from the District of Columbia government came as the council voted to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections. The bill passed its first reading 12-1. It must pass a second reading before it goes to the mayor.

According to The Blaze, “The bill would alter the language of the D.C. official code so that anyone who is “a citizen of the United States or, for the purposes of a local 38 election, is a permanent resident of the United States” (emphasis added) may participate in elections to determine district mayor, chairman or member of the city council, attorney general, members of the state board of education, advisory neighborhood commissioner, and any “initiative, referendum, recall, or charter referendum on a District ballot.””

But the bill may not just give green card holders the vote in D.C. elections, it may give illegal aliens the vote in the District. A Committee Report of the bill states, “the Committee Print expands the right to include all non-citizens regardless of their specific non-citizen immigration status.” In other words, illegal aliens and other nonpermanent resident immigrants would have the right to vote in D.C.

Some Republicans in the U.S. House have a bill to ban non-citizens from voting in D.C. and it’s a good start.

However, we need to go further. The District of Columbia has been allowed some self-government with the enactment of D.C. Home Rule since 1973. It’s time to end it and for Congress to take back control of the District.

Why should we end D.C. Home Rule? Because D.C. is a failed city. From crime to squalor, D.C. is increasingly a failed city.

Earlier this year, U.S. Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Georgia) floated a repeal of D.C. Home Rule which was of course shot down by the cowardly House Republican leadership. Here’s to hoping Clyde and others decide to run with the issue in 2023 because it is desperately needed.

The District of Columbia has proven that it cannot govern itself. It’s time to end D.C. Home Rule.