Wednesday, February 21, 2024

This MAGA-Hating Agitator Makes A Fortune Brainwashing Your Children

Self-described academic Tim Wise believes a lot of things that most people on the right would label as downright lunacy.  

Wise, for instance, says that praying in response to violence is offensive.

He thinks MAGA-voting Republicans are terrorists.

Keep reading. This gets worse. 

When the feds raided Mar-A-Lago, Wise yet again unloaded on former President Donald Trump’s supporters. In a post he later had to remove from social media, Wise said the authorities must arrest and crush MAGA voters and “make their children functional orphans.” 

And, get this, Wise travels to colleges nationwide to try to indoctrinate students into believing exactly as he does. As it turns out, college officials are all too happy to reimburse him with huge sums of money.

According to his Facebook page, Wise is an antiracist activist and essayist and authored seven books on racism and inequality.

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In 2017, Wise said if white people in Alabama elected Roy Moore to the U.S. Senate then “no decent human being from outside that state should ever spend another dime there, unless it is with a black owned business, or the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum.”

“If Moore wins, it’s time to financially destroy white Alabama like we should have 150 years ago. This is not hyperbole. I mean it quite literally,” Wise wrote. 

“Alabama should be brought to its knees and forced to come into the 21st century (or at least the last half the 20th).”

Late last year, Wise blamed “white male vigilantism” for Kyle Rittenhouse shooting three people in self-defense.

In 2019, The Daily Caller said Wise and other left-wing academics “can earn more in a day lecturing about their own ‘white privilege’ than the median black household makes in three months.”

“A speaker’s booking agency lists Wise’s speaking fee in the $10,000-$20,000 range. Wise told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an email that his asking fee is typically limited to $10,000, ‘unless I am doing multiple events at a venue,’” the website reported.

“Wise added that the agency, which receives 25 percent of his fees, ‘puts money back into grassroots organizing and leadership development led by individuals and groups of color.’”

One witness who attended a lecture Wise gave at Louisiana Tech University in 2016 described him as sardonic and “the opposite of an objective educator.” The witness went on to say that Wise was “sneeringly sarcastic, used foul language a lot, and seemed to view anyone opposed to his views with complete contempt.”

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And then the witness described what happened when the program had ended and students left the auditorium:

“As people walked by, a young man declared, ‘This sh*t wasn’t worth the 10 points of extra credit we got to attend at all!”

According to a brief Google search, Wise has also spoken at, among many other places, Quinsigamond Community College in Massachusetts, the University of Phoenix, the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, and the University of Arizona.

Wise, on his Facebook and Twitter feed, said nothing about his next speaking engagement.

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