Saturday, May 18, 2024

Nicolle Wallace’s Election Interference Hypocrisy

For years now the mainstream media has repeatedly demonstrated that the only thing they are consistent about is their inconsistency. If a conservative makes a statement they lose their minds. Yet if a liberal states the exact same thought they are praised.

After the 2016 election Democrats far and wide, along with the mainstream media screamed Russia, Russia, Russia at the top of their lungs. Russian collusion was discussed ad nauseum on every news and late-night TV show for years. There was no escaping the onslaught of misinformation and lies. Even when the truth was mercifully revealed that the only real collusion that took place was with the Clintons and the DNC, the rhetoric continued in the face of the truth.

One of the loudest and smuggest voices was that of Nicolle Wallace.  A chameleon that yesterday suggested while conducting an MSNBC interview with Representative Jim Himes a Democrat from Connecticut, that our midterm elections should be monitored by foreign countries.

So one of the loudest voices that propagated the Russian hoax was now actually suggesting that foreign monitors be used in American elections. 

Wallace phrased it this way: “The threats to our elections in what, two-and-a-half weeks, are so pervasive, and they’re so dire, and they include violence – I mean do you think it’s time to ask for friends and allies to come over and help us monitor our elections?”

First of all, what pervasive and dire threats are those, other than the manipulation of ballots by Democrats? Secondly, what violence? If there is any violence it is instigated, exhibited, and then condoned by the far left. Still the very suggestion that an American election needing to be monitored by outsiders is ludicrous.

Then she added: “We used to do that in other burgeoning and threatened democracies.”

Someone needs to inform Wallace that we are not a third world country, at least not yet, in spite of what the Marxist left is trying to do.

Himes responded to her question, but naturally not without attempting to project his own party’s intentions onto Republicans.

“I know why you’re asking what you’re asking, and you’re not wrong,” but this is something that the United States needs to deal with “ourselves.”  “No, look, this is something for us to work out ourselves. At some point the United States is going to need to collectively decide that not only are we going to oppose Russians and Chinese and North Koreans and Iranians messing around with our elections, but we’re not going to allow the Republican Party to do it either”

Believe it or not, Wallace was once a Republican. She served as Jeb Bush’s press secretary when he was governor of Florida. She even worked on the 2000 election recount.

During George W. Bush’s first term she was named special assistant to the president and director of media affairs at the White House. In 2003 she joined Bush’s campaign as communications director, and in 2005 she was elevated to White House Communications Director. She served at that post until 2006 when she relocated to New York to join her husband who was also serving the Bush administration at the United Nations.

In 2008 she joined the John McCain campaign as their top spokesperson. She frequently appeared on cable and network news largely at the time as a defender of the candidate and his running mate Sarah Palin. It was during this time when she apparently began to turn away from the Republican party over differences with Palin. Years later she stated that she had not voted for a candidate in the 2008 election because Palin gave her pause.

Between that period and 2014 among other things, Wallace wrote a fictional book about three women in the White House. The first female president, her chief of staff and a correspondent.  Then in her follow up to the first book she wrote about a presidential campaign that had problems due to a mentally ill vice-presidential candidate. Wallace claims the book was inspired by her time with the McCain and Palin campaign, but the book was released in 2011 and it sounds a lot more like Joe Biden who was VP at the time.

Since then until the present Wallace has continued to backslide into far-left oblivion. Coddling liberals and wildly attacking conservatives with misleading untruths at every turn.            

In 2014 Wallace was the co-host on The View for one season, then joined NBC and MSNBC as a political analyst, contributor, and guest host. In 2016 she worked with the zombie crew of Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow and Chris Mathews on the live coverage of election results. Where apparently a mind meld took place and Wallace was infected with a huge case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Could it be because her third book that was released in 2015 during the Clinton campaign was titled “Madam President?” Sounds a bit like she was anticipating a Clinton victory and a boost in book sales.

Chalk Wallace up as one more ruling-class Bush Republican incapable of changing with the times. America is finished with Bush Republicanism, and Nicolle Wallace is furiously attempting to change her spots in an effort to stay relevant.