Sunday, May 19, 2024

Oz Ties Fetterman In Latest Poll

Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz has never led or even tied in any poll in the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race. But that changed on Thursday as a poll done by the firm InsiderAdvantage for Philadelphia’s Fox 29 show him tied with Democratic nominee Lt. Governor John Fetterman.

As Election Day nears, a new InsiderAdvantage/FOX 29 poll shows Republican nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz has gained ground on Democratic nominee John Fetterman in Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate race.

The race is now a dead heat, according to the poll of 550 likely voters conducted three weeks before Election Day on Nov. 8. The poll has a margin of error of 4.2%.

Fetterman and Oz are now tied in the polling at 46%, with 5% of those polled remaining undecided. Libertarian candidate Erik Gerhardt came in at about 2%.

InsiderAdvantage Chairman Matt Towery says Fetterman’s shrinking lead was a result of self-described independent voters breaking for Oz by twenty points. 

“Oz is also picking an unusually high 14% of the African American vote and Asians and Hispanics prefer Oz say they are voting for Oz by a wide margin. Fetterman continues to enjoy a ten-point lead among female voters, while men prefer Oz at that same rate,” Towery explained.

Things have turned so bad for Fetterman that he brought in President Joe Biden to campaign for him today. Fetterman even stopped looking like a slob and put on a suit.

But Fetterman, who just got a clean bill of health from a doctor who is also a campaign donor, was not allowed to do interviews by his wife.

Growing doubts about Fetterman’s health, along with exposure of his extreme far-left positions, have helped Oz close the gap. In addition, Oz has been campaigning very hard since his primary win, going all over the state.

Oz has also been pounding Fetterman on crime with great effect. Fetterman hasn’t really responded until very recently and his responses have been weak.

What’s also helping Oz is that Biden remains extremely unpopular in Pennsylvania. Biden is serving as an anchor to Democrats not just in Pennsylvania but across the country.

Pending any last-minute revelations or surprises, Oz needs to be considered the favorite. Given the overall Republican lean of this year, it’s hard to see Oz losing this seat.