Friday, May 24, 2024

Pelosi attack leaves more questions than answers

So David cracked Paul and I  don’t really care.

But I do care to know why Paul Pelosi’s alleged attacker, David DePape, was attired in only his tighty whities when he was arrested for apparently whacking Nancy’s husband over the head with a hammer early Friday morning. 

I’d also like to know why the police were already at Pelosi palace to conduct a “wellness call” at 2:30 in the morning, before Pelosi managed to “secretly” dial 911 to summon police just prior to the attack, when apparently they were already there. Got it. Police already there. As was this dude not named Paul Pelosi standing there in his underwear holding a hammer, which the cops saw when they were let into the house by an as-yet-unnamed third party. And they didn’t immediately arrest David because …. ???

And just how did DePape manage to arrange that fateful pre-dawn face-to-face with Mr. P so easily in the first place? The guy broke a window to gain entry and made it all the way inside the Pelosi living quarters before he was detected. With cops already there. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have a better home security system than that? One would expect the level of security for the Speaker of the House would be off the charts. Or perhaps it was just turned off. That’s just weird, even by San Francisco standards.

There were cameras everywhere in the Pelosi house. The footage from them hasn’t been shared with the police or media. Which is also quite peculiar.

Two-parter here: Hypothetically, of course, would Nancy Pelosi arrange to have her husband’s skull fractured if it meant picking up a few teetering ballots in the name of sympathy this close to election day? Hmmm … she does tend to hang out with Hillary Clinton a lot. And, part two: Would Paul Pelosi approve of such a measure? I mean, I’d probably submit to a fractured skull if it meant getting away from Madam Speaker Wife for an extended period.

Don’t tell me that you, too, haven’t thought that this uproariously peculiar event could be some kind of a drastic, pitiful move to gain sympathy for the reeling Democrats whose popularity is plunging with the midterm elections less than two weeks away. Strange timing, to put it mildly. Very strange.

But here’s something that’s not strange nor one bit surprising about this curious event. The left-wing liberal media is already desperately trying to portray DePape as some sort of “far right” QAnon nutball/MAGA supporter. Because of course they are. But here’s the thing … he’s a nudist from the Castro, a Berkeley one at that, who used to make hemp jewelry for a living and is now a homeless druggie. That’s about as left-wing whacko (pun intended) as it gets, isn’t it? So why would he whack one of his own kind?

While all these questions are being addressed, or not, perhaps we should also take a look into Mr. DePape’s recent bank deposits and personal/professional habits of late. Perhaps the true motive for this peculiar incident can be found there.