Saturday, May 18, 2024

What Does A Red Wave Look Like?

In nine days the heartbeat of America will be on full display. Questions regarding everything from moral values, economic stability, national security, second amendment rights, freedom of speech, religious freedom and individual liberties will be at risk. Will a proud nation continue to crumble or will rational thought, accountability, healing and ultimately pride be restored?

In a Democratic Republic, change is initiated through the voice of the people. They vote for those individuals they believe will govern in a manner that protects the values they believe in.

In todays America the differences are as clear as black and white. It wasn’t supposed to be that way. There are always going to be differences, but in spite of those differences the goal should always be the same.

The Democratic party has gone rogue. They have left rational thought in the dust. The things they promote do not benefit the American people. They benefits a societal change that will benefit only the elites.

Left unchecked, they will slowly strip away our rights. All of course, under the guise of what’s best for us. Left unchecked, they will control us through more and more regulations. Which of course, are designed to protect us from ourselves.

It’s time to end the Demonic control of the Marxist left. So from a political standpoint let’s look at what a Red Wave would look like.

In the Senate the Republicans have twenty-one seats up for control, while the Democrats have fourteen. Ideally, the Republicans would hold onto all of them.

Although, doing so isn’t necessary. Still, The clearer the majority always sets the stage for a smoother pathway to change.

That said, the most significant ones to hold onto would obviously be the two states with GOP incumbents, Florida, and Wisconsin. Other key states are Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

Florida appears to be solid, and after the disastrous showing by Fetterman in the debate, Dr. Oz Should prevail in Pennsylvania. Wisconsin is neck and neck, with the Democrat holding a hair thin edge. North Carolina is still a toss up and in Ohio Republican J.D. Vance has a slight edge over Tim Ryan.

If the Republicans can hold their ground and flip one seat they can take control of the Senate. Two other races of real interest are Nevada, where Republican Adam Laxalt, who was the former Attorney General, is up against Catherine-Cortez Mastro. In Georgia, Herschel Walker is running against Ralph Warnock in a race that has tightened significantly recently.

New Hampshire has promise if the GOP can overcome not naming a nominee until September. While Arizona, which obviously has significant border issues, can continue to be exploited against incumbent Mark Kelly.

Two wins in these races would also provide a significant advantage in the GOP’s attempt to take control of the Senate.

In the House races, Virginia is a very important state for Republicans where there are three critical showdowns. In each case the Democrats are the incumbent party. The Districts up for grabs are the second, seventh and tenth.

How Republicans do in the fight for these seats will go a long way towards indicating the extent of the GOP’s majority.

In Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano has trailed the Democrat Josh Shapiro during the entire campaign. Mastriano is an avid Trump supporter so it will be interesting to see how well he does in today’s climate.

Lastly, there is a very interesting race in Indiana’s first Congressional district. This district has been represented by Democrats since 1931. In this contest, Republican Jenifer-Ruth-Green an African American Air Force Vet, is attempting to unseat Frank Mrvan.

While some see this particular contest as a microcosm of the political atmosphere, I see the overall election results as more of a a true indicator.

As you can see, there are many ways for Republicans to regain control of a nation that is spiraling out of control. Yes, the seats have to be won, but this time when they do gain control they must take the reigns and ACTUALLY MAKE THE CHANGES THAT NEED TO BE MADE.

Deflate the awful Democrat policies which have done so much damage to the economy. Stop the federal overreach and abuse of power. End the useless, dangerous wars which now threaten our very survival. Punish those that need to be punished, so the stigma of America having a tiered justice system is eliminated. And Make America Great Again (again) with tangible results.