Wednesday, July 24, 2024

PETA Calls For a Strike on Sex With Meat-Eating Men (Their Words, Not Mine)

In a short article with the same name that inspired this one, PETA claims that beer and tong wielding men in front of backyard grills are trying futilely to prove their masculinity, all at the expense of animals and the “planet”. 

I had to look up what PETA’s official website was to make sure The Babylon Bee wasn’t taking me for a ride – but yes, this headline is real. 

They didn’t talk about the sex strike in the article, because it seems even PETA is clickbaiting us. Well, it worked. I clicked it and what I found was even more discrediting than yet another denigrating attempt from a major organization to manipulate women’s decisions on their own sex lives.

A Dr. Carys Bennet from PETA proceeds to explain in the provided video that, “the science speaks for itself…men did have a 40% carbon higher footprint because they are eating more meat than women.” 

She goes on to inform us that,  it isn’t just PETA saying that people should eat less meat and go vegan, it’s the United Nations, they’re calling for everyone to shift to a plant based diet. “It is going to help the climate, it is also going to stop deforestation, pandemics, pollution and a whole host of environmental harms.”  

There you have it folks, if those men in your life would only quit BBQ-ing the planet away we would be free of deforestation, pandemics, and pollution. A panacea right at the tip of our spatulas. 

Maybe it isn’t supposed to matter how it doesn’t make any sense because she drops “the United Nations,” as if that appeal to authority was going to drive her point home. Unfortunately for her, there literally might not have been anything that would convince people to eat more meat than ever. 

The United Nations says I should quit eating meat in their elaborate insider studies to push a climate agenda? Is this the same United Nations erasing the rights and identities of women and girls while emasculating men by encouraging dudes to join their ranks legally and in physical spaces? The same United Nations that via the World Health Organization is still promoting a 70% COVID vaccination goal for the world? The same United Nations that had their Manhattan headquarters gifted to them by the Rockefellers? You want us to do what they suggest…and for our own good?

Maybe someone should ask PETA’s Dr. Bennet how the UN’s peacekeeping is going if she is going to cherry pick their points to piggyback on. In the meantime, the rest of us will stick with eating meat and having sex.