Friday, July 19, 2024

“The Right Stuff” Seeks To Solve America’s Dating Wasteland

For many young Americans, the dating world is an utter wasteland. The facts bear this reality out.

Over half of young Americans (ages 18 to 34) do not have a romantic partner, and over 70% of men ages 20 to 34 are unmarried—compared to 30% in the 1960s.

The truth Is that young Americans are not forming families. They are either marrying much later or not marrying at all.

What’s more, the country’s birth rate has fallen well below replacement levels for years—a harbinger for a demographic disaster in the future. The situation is looking fairly dire regarding family formation in the United States.

Now, imagine how much tougher dating/family formation is for young conservative Christians in modern America. You probably have better odds in finding a needle in a haystack in many places.

Sadly, little has been done to solve this growing issue for young conservatives in the “Millennial” and “Generation Z” generations. No one seems to really care that many young conservatives are struggling to find a potential spouse.

Enter: “The Right Stuff.”

Former Trump official John McEntee founded a new conservative dating app called “The Right Stuff”—which just launched this month.

Backed by right-leaning tech billionaire Peter Thiel, McEntee discovered that young conservatives are increasingly looking for other young people who espouse a political persuasion.

Unfortunately, the current far-left dating apps Bumble, Tinder, and others do a poor job in helping conservatives meet other conservatives.

To put it mildly, the current selection of online dating apps are not designed for traditionally-minded people. Instead, they facilitate the degenerate ”hookup culture” for American youth.

Fortunately, the “Right Stuff” is looking to fill this void for young conservatives.

Users on this app will be able to connect with like-minded people based on their preferences regarding religion.

Here are a couple of things you will not find on this dating app: no gender pronouns and no promotion of woke causes.

Quite a refreshing sight indeed.

Of course, young conservatives would ideally find and meet each other in daily life; however, the internet has become one of  the main avenues that younger Americans interact with each other. Therefore, I see that this conservative dating app is one way to foster family formation in the short-term while we fix the American society in the long-term.

Recently, “the Right Stuff” founder John McEntee talked about the new dating app in an interview with Breitbart editor Alex Marlowe. He shares some interesting perspective on this topic, so you might want to listen to the interview here.

Overall, stable families are the foundation of a prosperous nation, and young Americans are failing in this regard. They are not forming families largely due to factors out of their control, but I digress.

Sooner or later, this country will have to focus on encouraging and aiding young adults to find a spouse and have children. Our nation’s future wholly depends on it.

To learn more about “The Right Stuff,” check out the website here.