Saturday, May 18, 2024

Shocking Poll Has A Republican Winning New York Governor

A new poll just released in the Democratic stronghold of New York State shows Republican gubernatorial nominee Lee Zeldin with a slight lead over Democrat incumbent governor Kathy Hochul. A poll by the firm co/efficient polling shows Zeldin with 45.6% of the vote compared to Hochul’s 45.3% with another 9.1% undecided.

The poll also found that both Hochul and President Joe Biden are unpopular among New York State voters. Hochul is seen unfavorably by 48.6% of New York State voters compared to 36.5% who see her favorably. Biden is even more disliked with 51.3% of voters seeing him unfavorably compared to 38.3% who see him favorably.

In contrast, Zeldin’s favorability rating is pretty good for a Republican statewide politician. Zeldin is seen as favorable by 40.8% of voters compared to 39.5% who see him unfavorably. Another 19.7% of voters are unsure or have no opinion.

Although Zeldin leads in this poll, most other polls conducted in the race still show a Hochul lead.

Zeldin is running a crime-focused campaign. Even the left-wing New York Daily News admitted that it was effective. The governor’s race in New York State is the most competitive one since 2006.

New York State is not the only Democrat stronghold that is experiencing a more competitive than usual statewide race. In Minnesota, which has often given Republicans false hopes in the past, Republican Dr. Scott Jensen leads incumbent Democrat governor Tim Walz in the latest poll conducted in the race. In addition, Republicans have a very good chance of electing the first governor in 40 years in Oregon.

These unexpectedly close races in Democrat strongholds come in the wake of surprising Republican gains in New Jersey and Virginia last year. Republicans captured the governor’s mansion in Virginia and nearly did so in New Jersey, which hardly any political observer saw happening.