Sunday, May 19, 2024

These Two Tweets Show Just How Out Of Touch Democrats Are

The Democrats are probably going to be crushed in next month’s midterms. Midterm elections are usually never good for the party in power. Also, let’s face it, things generally suck right now. Add those two factors together and it’s probably not going to be a good election for Democrats.

But another part of the problem Democrats have is that they’re out of touch with the American people. This is ironic considering that their favorite line of attack against Republicans is to call them “extreme.”

Let’s first look at what the American people are concerned about and how they perceive what the two major parties are interested in.

As Greenwald points out, Republicans are perceived as being most interested in the three most important issues facing the American people right now. Meanwhile, they see Democrats as being most interested January 6th, abortion, and climate change.

Republicans should do well based on the simple fact that they are addressing the issues that matter to the American people. Meanwhile, Democrats are only interested in issues that matter to their base.

If this isn’t enough, Democrats are also out of touch with where they want to take America in the future.

The American people do not want to see America become even more of a socialist country than it already is. But a majority of Democrats disagree. A majority of Democrats want America to move more in the direction of socialism.

The Democrats want to transform America into something most Americans strongly disagree with. In addition, Democrats want to focus on issues that are not the main concern of the American people. Add to all that the fact that Democrats are championing causes like child genital mutilation. This adds up to a party that is out of the American mainstream on issue after issue.

So who are the real extremists again?