Friday, July 12, 2024

Democrats Have Become The Party Of Child Mutilation

The Democratic Party over the past couple of days has solidified itself as the party of child mutilation and perversion.

On Thursday, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill declaring his state a sanctuary for kids and teens who seek to have their genitals mutilated and be given hormone therapy. The sanctuary law even allows for one parent to kidnap their child in order to have them mutilated because it forbids California law enforcement from enforcing child custody orders.

Also on Thursday, every single U.S. House Democrat voted against an amendment that would’ve required parental notice and parental consent before schools could provide mental health services related to sexual orientation and gender identity. The bill failed in a 220-208 vote.

Meanwhile, the narrative on child mutilation has changed in the corporate media. At first, they denied that it was going on, and to suggest otherwise was just a right-wing conspiracy. Now they’re acknowledging that children are being mutilated and that it is a good thing.

Now the left-wing website Vox published an article saying that we shouldn’t worry about kids being mutilated and we should let them do it.

The Democratic Party and the far-left are preying on children, who really don’t know better, and are encouraging them to mutilate themselves. It is sick and pathological and trying to sexualize children who are often many times confused.

Not only are these perverts pushing for children to mutilate themselves, but they’re also trying to stand in the way of parents who are horrified and don’t want their kids to mutilate themselves in the name of gender identity. Something tells me that normal people will not be on board with the Democratic Party’s push for children to mutilate themselves.

Conservatives and Republicans need to stand strong and oppose this movement that supports child mutilation and wants to replace parents. This is one battle that cannot be avoided.