Friday, May 24, 2024

Troy Aikman Should Not Apologize To The Woke Mob

All of the usual woke suspects are up in arms over comments made on ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast by Hall of Fame former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and analyst Troy Aikman. Aikman criticized a bad roughing the passer call that was awarded against the Las Vegas Raiders.

“I hope the competition committee looks at this at the next NFL meeting, and we take the dresses off,” Aikman said, referring to the excessive protection that NFL quarterbacks are given by referees.

It didn’t take long for Twitter’s “blue check” brigade to pounce on Aikman, calling him a misogynist.

Most of these people complaining about Aikman’s comments couldn’t tell you what a woman is in the first place. Some of them even have pronouns in their bio. These people should be laughed at, not taken seriously.

Fortunately, that is what is happening on Twitter. Most of these whiners are drawing overwhelmingly negative responses to their tweets and most comments are in support of Aikman.

So as of writing Troy Aikman has not apologized for his “dresses” comment. Nor should he. Most of the people whining about the comment are perpetual losers who are looking for something to complain about. They really need to pull their tampons out before they get too jammed up inside.

Kudos to Troy Aikman for being willing to stand up to 2022’s social climate. The “dresses” comment was a harmless comment and was not intended to offend anyone. We really need a lot less woke tone and speech policing.

Aikman has a chance to hopefully show others that we do not need to be woke and walk on eggshells in fear of the woke mob. The fact that it appears that most people are standing with Aikman is showing that perhaps the tide is turning against political correctness.

Aikman should stand strong and not apologize to the woke mob.