Wednesday, February 28, 2024

New York Just Gave Polyamorous People a Big Gift

America’s slippery slope of morality, at least in New York, continues to slither toward the bottom of the sewer and, likely, to areas beneath.

New York City Civil Court Judge Karen May Bacdayan recently ruled that polyamorous relationships have the same legal protections that our government grants to two-person relationships.

Bacdayan, according to LGBTQ Nation, ruled in a case involving three men, two of whom lived together in an apartment. The man who held the lease was married to a man who lived elsewhere. The leaseholder died. The owner of the building said the leaseholder’s roommate had no right to renew the lease because he was not a non-traditional family member. 

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Court officials, as LGBTQ Nation went on to say, called for a hearing to determine whether the three men were in a polyamorous relationship.

According to Bacdayan’s ruling, “the definition of ‘family’ has morphed considerably” since the late 1980s, given the increasing number of multi-person relationships. 

“What was ‘normal’ or ‘nontraditional’ in 1989 is not a barometer for what is normal or nontraditional now,” Bacdayan wrote.  

“Specifically, many articles have been written about multi-person relationships in recent years, revealing a preference that for some has long been known. For example, a recent article from The New Yorker Magazine describes the broadening recognition of such relationships and how these relationships are challenging the norm.”

To make her case, Bacdayan cited the Utah legislature decriminalizing bigamy in 2020 by downgrading it from a felony to a misdemeanor. She also cited a Somerville, MA ordinance that says groups of three or more people who consider themselves family are indeed domestic partners.

“The law has proceeded even more rapidly in recognizing that it is possible for a child to have more than two legal parents. In 2017, the Uniform Law Commission, an association that enables states to harmonize their laws, drafted a new Uniform Parentage Act, one provision of which facilitates multiple-parent recognition,” Bacdayan wrote.

“Versions of the provision have passed in California, Washington, Maine, Vermont, and Delaware, and it is under consideration in several other states. Courts in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Texas, Arizona, and Louisiana have also supported the idea of third parents. American conservatism has long mourned the proliferation of single parents, but, if two parents are better than one, why are three parents worse?”

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Of this case, the California-based Village Voice said it’s unclear whether this ruling “could set a precedent for future cases, and eventually, legislation may be passed that officially recognizes polyamorous unions.”

Many people predicted that the ruling legalizing gay marriage would eventually lead to courts recognizing polyamorous couples. Well…now we’re on that path.

As for what the next civil rights frontier is that liberal progressives will force us to conquer…..we shudder to imagine.

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