Thursday, February 22, 2024

What To Take From Tulsi Gabbard’s Exit Message

Last night Tucker Carlson had a terrific open discussing an event which is certain to be passed over by most of the legacy corporate media but which has a great deal of significance. Namely, that former Hawaii congresswoman and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard publicly disavowed her membership in the Democrat Party.

If you’ve got the time, it’s worth checking out for the full 12 minutes…

Carlson’s lead-in to Tulxit, if you want to call it that, is spot on. At one point Tulsi Gabbard was considered the Literal Future of the Democrat Party. They want so badly to have someone who has actually accomplished something in her life, who has credibility to talk about real things, who’s attractive and well-spoken and relatable to normal people – because the political class in the Democrat Party is made up almost solely of robots who spout Ivy League woke pieties and bring no real experience to the table.

We probably talked too much about the Hollywood box-office failure movie Bros last month when it came out, but the plot of that movie was a great example of today’s Democrats and what they think life is. The lead character in that gay romantic comedy (can’t believe the public wasn’t interested, right?) is a podcaster who gets hired to run an LGBTQ museum and conduct public advocacy. Somehow that’s supposed to be relatable to movie audiences.

Everybody but our idiot elites, and today’s Democrat Party is 100 percent the party of our idiot elites, would look at that plot and conclude it’s a movie with a very limited audience. Instead, Universal Pictures dumped $23 million into production without a single cast member who could be seen as a draw for an audience, and then dumped a similar sum into marketing it.

We’re mixing institutions here, but you get the point. The Left in this country is utterly out of touch, and they’re a crowd completely in control of the Democrat Party. And when Tulsi Gabbard began to show that she isn’t utterly out of touch with normal people, she went from Rising Star to someone with no future at all with them.

Her presidential run was an exercising in demonstrating that ordinary Americans have zero reason to consider the Democrats. You might remember some of the back and forth between Gabbard and the cackling dunce Kamala Harris at the fifth Democrat presidential debate in November of 2019…

Harris here is a pretty good avatar for today’s Democrats, and not just because she’s an affirmative action baby with zero life accomplishments who has move up the line based on identity politics and sucking up (both literally and figuratively) to the right well-connected fatcats. Harris, part of the political machine in California which has generated more outmigration and destroyed more small businesses than any other in the Western Hemisphere perhaps save for the Chavez-Maduro regime in Venezuela, listens to not a word Gabbard says but instead attacks her for failing to toe the party line.

And as Gabbard notes, it’s solely the failure to obey which Harris finds unobjectionable. She doesn’t offer a substantive critique of Gabbard’s points. Such a critique is possible even from a left-leaning perspective; we’re not here to talk about how brilliant and righteous Tulsi Gabbard is. She’s a gadfly who occasionally hits on a salient point here and there. But Harris lacks the mental candlepower for a meaty argument, and so did all the rest of the Democrats on that debate stage, some of whom made their way into the ridiculous Biden administration.

They simply obey their orders. And who’s giving the orders?

As Gabbard notes in her exit statement, radical nuts. “Cowardly wokeness,” she says, drives them to “divide us by racializing every issue and stoke anti-white racism, actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms, are hostile to people of faith and spirituality, demonize the police and protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans, believe in open borders, weaponize the national security state to go after political opponents, and above all, dragging us ever closer to nuclear war.”

Nailed it.

Everything about that indictment rings true. As Carlson says, it’s something Republicans ought to have already branded Democrats with a thousandfold by now, but too many of them are scared of being canceled for saying it.

Or having the media rip into them as “racists” like they’ve done to Tommy Tuberville for his sin, over the weekend, of noting that leftist urban Democrat politicians and activists who coddle criminals are the same people who won’t shut up about slavery reparations and critical race theory. For his trouble, Karine Jean-Pierre, the incompetent diversity-hire White House press secretary, accused him of being anti-black – when it’s black people who are overwhelmingly more likely to be the victims of violent crime, not just the perpetrators of it.

Because this is all they have. They don’t want honest discussions of what their policies and activities have done to American life over the past 15 years, and what effect they’ve had on our culture, economics and politics.

Gabbard thought she could change that, and recreate a day when Democrats and Republicans generally agreed on the values and institutions and traditions in this country we want to further and preserve. She found out that was a hopeless endeavor, so she ejected from that party.

She isn’t alone. The Democrats are coming apart at the seams, and they’re losing parts of their coalition they can’t afford to. Working class whites, Asians, Hispanics, the black middle class and younger black males in particular, veterans, even gays who aren’t hard-core activists…the list goes on.

There was a reason why for the longest time the power brokers in that party stood firm against letting the Hard Left into their tent, and most of the real socialists were shut out of mainstream politics and usually didn’t vote. Those old Dems knew that letting the radicals in would result in their swallowing that party whole.

It’s happened. And what’s left is a party as Gabbard describes – radical and out of touch with mainstream American values, hopelessly corrupt and in the thrall of the various political-industrial complexes inside the Beltway, and utterly, blisteringly incompetent for lack of any personal accomplishments outside of reciting academic bilge for a grade.

That party can’t survive. It will collapse. The real question is whether the Republican Party can grow out of its subservient, submissive Bush GOP style and take over as a real governing party to launch a new era of American politics in which the cabal Gabbard describes cannot reach the levers of power.