Sunday, February 25, 2024

WRONG AGAIN: The Latest Biden National Security Malpractice

“I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

so said Robert Gates, Obama Administration Defense Secretary about then vice-president Joe Biden. And now that the Biden-Harris administration has released its National Security Strategy, it’s clear that Biden’s losing streak remains intact. The National Security Strategy is a fixture of D.C. life. Every President will release such a document, explaining the overarching views and assumptions that inform his administration’s handling of matters of great import for the country.

The Biden document is 48 surreal pages fixated on largely inappropriate topics, and visibly displays the ineptitude of the team that created it.

The document is littered with topics and concepts that have no place in a proper national security strategy. On the contrary, it is a politicized document designed to both promote ideas that have no actual bearing on national security, and which makes excuses for domestic policy problems such as inflation, which were caused by this administration’s fiscal fecklessness.

It all begins on page 2 of Joe Biden’s introductory letter when he mischaracterizes and soft pedals the threat from China by stating that China merely seeks to “tilt the global playing field to its benefit.”

National security isn’t a game and such analogies are not suitable.

China has embarked upon a huge military modernization program and build-up over the past 30 years. It has used its partnerships with the US and Western private sector to steal dual-use technology and build weapons clearly aimed at America and its forces. China is responsible for the deaths of millions of people due to its release of COVID-19, exacerbated by the subsequent lies and a cover-up that amounted to a de facto biological attack. Biden demonstrates no understanding of this reality, and makes no mention of China in the section on Pandemics.

The fact that in the opening pages of the document the unnamed authors dismiss actual threats from China as “competition” while marching out the tired “climate change” canard speaks volumes about the delusions with which those who crafted this monstrosity are afflicted. Characterizing “climate change,” as if it was settled science (it is not) as the “greatest and potentially existential problem” amounts to national security malpractice. Make no mistake, there is an agenda behind this. Climate change is being shoe-horned into national security policy to further indoctrinate Americans into the New Green Deal dogma.

If the Biden administration was serious about reducing carbon emissions it would be promoting natural gas, which is actually responsible for almost the entire reduction in US carbon emissions for years and pointing out that, no matter what the rest of the world does, as long as China keeps pumping carbon pollution into the air, it will make no difference. But to do so would shatter the Democratic Socialist Green Movement’s narratives.

Meanwhile, acute threats, such as that from an Iran hell bent for leather on obtaining nuclear weapons gets a mere 4 sentences, including a promise to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons with…diplomacy.

It is also quite unfortunate—and a national embarrassment—that the Biden administration itself fails miserably to adhere or live up to some of the “foundational principles” listed.

For example, there is the whole problem of “information must be allowed to flow freely” which has foundered under the weight of the censorship brought about by collusion between the Biden administration and Big Tech.

Then there is “territorial integrity,” a curious inclusion from an administration that has deliberately provoked an illegal immigration crisis, deliberately refusing to maintain America’s territorial integrity on our porous southern border, which has served as a gateway for terrorists from a host of countries, criminals fresh from Venezuelan prisons and, last but not least, fentanyl.

Speaking of fentanyl, it does get mention in the strategy document, but not in any way associated with reality. No mention is made of China’s nefarious role in the fentanyl trade, nor is the fact that the overwhelming majority of the fentanyl that kills Americans comes across our insecure southern border.

With so much to be done here at home, including providing for a defense apparatus equipped and trained to deal with the growing threat from China, the call for “strengthening international institutions” is, frankly, worrisome. What exactly has that accomplished?

The policy document cites the United Nations Charter for affording “protection for all states.” What fantasyland is this? Is it the UN Charter that affords protection or is it the proven philosophy of peace through strength as practiced by those willing to pay the price for that protection?

Did the World Health Organization perform admirably during the COVID pandemic? And isn’t it the ideas of the sinister World Economic Forum that have placed Europe on the precipice of a winter bound to be characterized by a totally avoidable energy crisis?

All of the pablum in this document was of course predictable, but that doesn’t make it any less concerning.

Finally, it is unconscionable that the Biden Administration uses a national security policy document intended for foreign threats to label U.S. citizens as “domestic extremists.” That this is done in order to promote domestic policy agenda items such as “common sense gun control” adds insult to injury. The inclusion in discussing “domestic extremists” among the nation’s “global priorities” implies the Administration is willing to use national security authorities intended for foreign threats against American citizens. All of this is totally inappropriate in a national security document and will almost certainly be read by America’s enemies as a sign the country is deeply fractured and vulnerable.

We have a president who is clearly asleep at the wheel and a national security apparatus being administrated by political activists using national security as just another narrative to promote their domestic policy agendas. Everything contained within the Biden National Security Strategy suggests a leadership with no clue about the genuine threats facing the country or how to deal with them.