Sunday, April 14, 2024

NY Congressional Candidate “Campaigns” With Personal Sex Tape

Liberal Independent candidate Mike Itkis is running for congress in NY’s 12th Congressional District. Per his campaign website, Itkis was born in Ukraine, and has been a New Yorker since 1979.

He wants to end the war in his home country, “create a Federal Cyber Security Agency” that “Provides uses with a verified digital government identity,” make abortions available, and, of course, decriminalize “sex work.”

These last two points he is so passionate about he took it into his own hands to really show the public he meant it.

By having unprotected sex with a porn star on camera. Twice. 

The film, available online called “Bucket List Bonanza”, is a 13 minute exposition that features Itkis having sex with porn star Nicole Sage on two separate occasions.  

Itkis’ bio on his site proudly touts: “Not married. No kids. Not celibate. Atheist.” As if that wasn’t enough, he claims in a presumably both pro-abortion and anti-child support statement that, “Men should not be required to support biological children without prior agreement.” It turns out that even straight white men can make who they have sex with the basis for their identity as well. 

When old timers used to say that our country was going to hell in a handbasket, this is what they meant.

Here we have a man that is a major in the US Army reserve, who has also served in the IT/ financial services private sector for major companies such as Merrill Lynch and IBM, exhibitioning himself in the most sexual context possible to the entire world on an explicit website that doesn’t even ask you to prove your age when you open it. 

Itkis is claiming that this is all for the sake of a pro-sex, anti-discrimination outcome of reproductive rights and women’s bodily autonomy. He seems to be trying to convince us with this most disturbing act, “See how much I value women and equality?”

The left might buy it, however, he’s not fooling all of us. 

Nowadays the left and the globalists want us to accept that men who dress up like caricatures of women are women, and they should be referred to as such because of their crippling and oppressive gender dysphoria. What the left does not distinguish, however, is the paraphilia called autogynephilia, something we used to just call “cross dressing.”

Autogynefiles (cross dressers) are often not men who believe they were born in the wrong body and need to don hyper stereotypical female garb to quell their pained souls. No. They are men sexually turned on by dressing up in women’s clothing (usually a very feminine version of a woman), and imagining themselves as women. They aren’t gender dysphoric in the least. But now, thanks to “progressivism,” they can take this would-be, should-be private escapade out in public and receive more sexual gratification and stimulation than ever, even heading into women’s bathrooms, all because they might be “real” trans-genders. 

Men are now protected by society when they act their perversions out in public. Don’t even get me started on Drag Queen Story Hour

What does this have to do with Mike?

Exhibitionism, lest we forget, is also a well known paraphilia (sexual perversion/deviancy). This act he is performing looks a lot like Flashing 2.0, a regular “dirty old man” keeping up to date in the modern area of the internet. 

If this porno campaign is really, as he claims, a PR stunt to promote himself in a way that actually gains votes to support his winning the election, then maybe we could at least call him an honest degenerate. 

However, if this doesn’t prove to raise his votes significantly, then we can safely say that Itkis isn’t really getting in front of the camera for his constituents. Instead, he is taking advantage of this new wannabe cultural norm where there is no care for distinguishing that someone might be taking their perversions public for greater sexual gratification, and not for whatever social justice cause they are claiming. 

The lesson here isn’t complicated. It’s pretty simple. Political figures can either stand for timeless values or they can attempt to be “edgy” and “innovative” – and when it’s the latter, you see examples like this one of paddling furiously down the creek of societal decline.

It’s gross, and it’s awful, but it’s what our culture and politics have become.