Friday, May 24, 2024

California’s Sanctuary Cesspool

San Francisco used to be a beautiful city. I‘ve been fortunate to visit there on four different occasions all between 2005 and 2008. I wouldn’t go back today. I have been told by many people that it is unrecognizable.

The city is now riddled with homeless that openly urinate and defecate on the streets and sidewalks. The drug addicted are provided with drugs and as you maneuver around the tent cities, urine, and poop, you can also attempt to avoid syringes and vomit.

If your arrested, you will probably be back on the streets in a few hours. Oh, and let’s not forget that you can steal up to $1,000 from a business without it being considered a crime. I have actually seen video of thieves with calculators adding up what they steal so they stay under the limit.

Now as you look over that list of degrading changes that have pulled a beautiful city down into the muck and mire of “wokeism,” understand that it was liberal tolerance of the intolerable that allowed it to happen.

With proper leadership it didn’t have to happen. However, once liberals were placed in positions of power, the unthinkable became the inevitable.

These changes, although disgusting physically, have also destroyed the aura of the city. Much like others that  liberals have destroyed, San Francisco doesn’t “feel” safe. There is a sinister undertone that something dangerous is always lurking.

None of these “woke” revisions of rational reality have been good for American citizens. Imagine the rage of a shop owner having to watch his store being “legally looted” after just having to hose off the sidewalk in front of his business.

These indignities against legal citizens weren’t  enough though for the radical left. On top of everything else, they named San Francisco a sanctuary city. That’s just what a struggling city needed. While the politicians dump on true Americans, they open their arms to those here illegally.

Now in an unexplainable display of petulance, District Attorney Brooke Jenkins is refusing to turn over Paul Pelosi’s alleged attacker to federal authorities.

David DePape is the man in question. He re-entered the U.S. in 2008 on a supposed temporary visa. He had actually lived in the U.S. for several years before leaving and re-entering. Unfortunately, when these people decide that America’s laws don’t apply to them, instead of being immediately deported, people like Jenkins support them against the will of the people she is supposed to protect.

Due to the extent of the charges against him, elder abuse, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary and federal assault and kidnapping charges, this lying P.O.S. wasn’t going to be released anyway. Still, if there was any way to do so, you get the feeling Jenkins would do it.

On November 4th, the arrogant Jenkins issued a statement stating:

“San Francisco is a sanctuary city and our policy is sacred. We will not be collaborating or coordinating with ICE”

The city ordinance actually states:

“No city or county department, agency, commission, officer, or employee shall use any city funds or resources to assist in the enforcement of Federal immigration law or to gather or disseminate information regarding release status of individuals or any such personal information”

So, San Francisco, Jenkins considers the sanctuary city policy sacred. Your rights as American Citizens, not so much.