Sunday, July 21, 2024

Our Greatest Generation would never need a “safe space”

As we commemorate Veterans Day this week, it’s important for us to honor and respect our nation’s military veterans, past and present.

It’s also vitally important for us to realize just how badly the mindset of our nation’s youth has declined from the selfless and heroic mindset of our country’s Greatest Generation.

On D-Day, June 6, 1944, an American army made up of mostly teenagers valiantly stormed the beaches of Normandy, knowing full well there was a high probability they’d never return home. Nobody was looking to hide or not do their part. 

Now, a mere two generations later, the great-grandchildren of that generation go running for a “safe space” simply because someone said something that hurt their feelings. 

How pathetic, how sad, and how disgusting. How disrespectful to those generations of soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines who fought to maintain the myriad freedoms we now enjoy. And how important it is that this seemingly prevailing liberal nonsensical mindset has to change. 

A “safe space” has nothing to do with the need for physical safety. It’s about cowardly bubble-wrapping yourself against the views of people who disagree with you. With regard to one’s potential, few things are more dangerous than a “safe space.”  

“Safe spaces” at universities, and now even high school and middle school, are utterly ridiculous, reprehensible, and damaging to society. Far too many of our nation’s youth have become fragile, fearful, intolerant and offended by every notion they don’t agree with and the perpetuation of these places only reinforces that irrational cowardice.  

And when young people are artificially insulated from the trials of life, shielded from life’s inevitable challenges and taught that they never have to consider another person’s view, they are deprived of the opportunity to develop the mental capacity to become productive members of society. 

As of today, conservatives are now the majority of both Houses of Congress again. As such, there’s no time better than the present to begin turning our nation back in the direction in which it needs to go in order to survive.

Leading conservative politicians like Ron DeSantis, John Kennedy, Jim Jordan, Rand Paul, Trey Goudy and others have been doing an admiral job in leading the verbal charge in challenging their liberal opponents on their nonsensical ideas and policies, but they, and their conservative colleagues, need to do more. Actions speak louder than words and it has come to the point where words are not enough.

They have the opportunity to do more than just speak now that they have regained the majority. And the time is now.

Concerned conservative citizens, please write to those who were elected to represent you and your views and let them know it’s time to put words into action. It’s time to reverse course on pathetic and harmful liberal ideas like always having a “safe space” to run to.

The end of our great nation will come sooner than you think if they are not reversed.