Friday, May 24, 2024
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Here’s Why America Can’t Afford Another GOP Congress Full of Wimps

While a Republican blowout Tuesday is certainly worth celebrating, grassroots conservatives fear the GOP will repeat past mistakes and send go-along-to get-along cowards to represent them in Congress.

And if you are a Republican and the voters send you to Washington, D.C. early next year then pay attention. 

This isn’t a game of Patty Cake. This is a street brawl. 

Behave accordingly. 

We cannot afford any more RINOs who capitulate to the establishment. 

We cannot afford to have Democrats back in power.


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The modern-day Democratic Party is composed of lunatics who belong not in the halls of Congress…but in a psych ward. 

Would a sane person push multiple pronouns upon children, work tirelessly to destroy the oil industry, and raise the cost of living? Can we please keep the crazies at bay for as long as possible?

Here’s what’s going to happen after Tuesday night.

The establishment press is composed mostly of people who behave like Democratic Party operatives first and journalists second. This is not news to the grassroots conservatives, but, surprisingly, there are certain Republican politicians who are still naïve to this fact.

The media will demand that the incoming Republicans compromise with Democrats. Don’t take the bait. Don’t try to curry favor with the establishment press or the Democrats. They despise you. Nothing you do will change that. The establishment press and the Democrats in power do not share yours or your constituents’ values. They do not and will not look out for yours or your constituents’ best interests — instead they work against them. 

Their values are sick. Their values are destructive. 

To hell with them. 

Once you arrive in D.C., the Democrats and the establishment press will try to villainize you. They will blame you for gridlock. They will compare you to Adolf Hitler. 

Let them.

Don’t worry what the media says about you. Worry only what your constituents say. 

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Come budget time, the Democrats will try to raise the national debt (again). Don’t cave. Push for budget cuts. Your constituents want them. Future generations will thank you. 

While you’re in Washington, D.C., do a better job articulating conservative values and articulate why progressive ideas simply don’t work. Stay on offense. The Democrats and the establishment press love to keep Republicans on defense. Again, don’t fall for their trap.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that voters, including many who will vote Republican on Tuesday, have short-term memories. On a whim, they could pivot back to voting for Democrats in the next election. Remind voters why conservatism is the better option for them….and remind them relentlessly. 

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