Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Four Key Midterm Races To Be Decided Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow is the day. The 2022 midterm elections are finally here, and our nation has a fantastic opportunity to elect some stellar “America First” candidates to public office.

So here’s an overview for some of the key races in tomorrow’s midterm elections. In particular, we’ll focus on four America First candidates with a solid chance of victory in their respective elections. These four all possess the ability to revive our declining nation and local communities through implementing the America First agenda:

  1. Blake Masters vs. Mark Kelly (Arizona–US Senate)

Blake Masters is the young, upstart Republican candidate for Arizona’s US Senate race. Masters faces well-funded Democrat incumbent Mark Kelly, and this election may decide whether the Republican party regains the majority in the US Senate. Clearly, a lot is at stake in this specific election for both Arizona and the country more broadly.

In general, Blake Masters represents the youth advance of the America First agenda in the Trump-era of American politics. Unlike the GOP Establishment of old, Masters stands vehemently against the cultural and economic advances of the Far-Left. He campaigned heavily on ending mass immigration, fighting “woke ideologies”, combatting inflation, and stopping America’s mass crime wave. In fact, Masters has publicly stated his desire to be a “thorn in the side” of Republican Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell if Arizona voters decide to send him to Washington.

Masters has surelt demonstrated to many Conservatives that he will not kowtow to either the Establishment GOP or the Far-Left Democrats in the US Senate. He wants to put the American people first above all us.

If you are interested in learning more about Masters, then go check out Scott McKay’s recent write-up on the Arizona Senate race. In this article, you will see how Masters’ likelihood of victory increased after the Libertarian candidate in the AZ Senate race dropped out of the race and endorsed Masters.

Masters is one my favorite candidates in the entire 2022 election cycle, and his victory can pave the way for other young America First conservatives to successfully run for higher office.

  • Doug Mastriano vs Josh Shapiro (Pennsylvania—Governor)

Doug Mastriano has the chance to turn around the state of Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Mastriano faces Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro for the state’s Governorship.

For years, state-wide leaders like Josh Shapiro and current Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman have run Pennsylvania into the ground. Rampant crime, a highly suspect election result in 2020, and commonplace fentanyl overdoses are just some of the consequences of Shapiro’s lackluster leadership. According to Fox News, Shapiro personally supporting releasing convicted criminals in the midst of a rampant crime wave—including the city of Philadelphia.

Mastriano stands in stark contrast to the current, failing leadership in Pennsylvania. His policies concerning the energy sector, crime prevention, and school choice will kickstart the revitalization of Pennsylvania. What’s more, Mastriano stands against the destructive economic, educational, and crime policies of Pennsylvania’s current Leftist leadership.

Mastriano’s vision for Pennsylvania should excite patriots in that state, and he is primed to reverse Pennsylvania’s decline if he becomes Pennsylvania’s next governor.

  • JD Vance vs. Tim Ryan (Ohio—US Senate)

Conservative writer and venture capitalist JD Vance is taking on the crypto-moderate Democrat Tim Ryan to replace current Ohio Senator Rob Portman.

Vance first gained national acclaim for his 2016 memoir Hillbilly Elegy—wherein he examined the decline of America’s Rust Belt in recent decades through his personal experience living in Ohio. Growing up, Vance saw the consequences of Globalist free trade policies and rampant opioid abuse. Once American manufacturing moved to other countries with cheaper labor, Ohio towns—including Vance’s childhood town Middletown—and citizens experienced economic and cultural decay.

The decline of Vance’s hometown and many other towns like it was not inevitable. America’s corrupt ruling class and Multinational corporations allowed the decline of Middle America and America’s manufacturing base. Thankfully, JD Vance recognizes these issues and wants to solve them as Ohio’s next Senator. Vance personally understands the necessity for advocating in favor of “America First”/nationalist policies in economics, foreign policy, and immigration.

After achieving career success outside of Ohio, Vance chose to return to his roots. He moved back to his home state of Ohio in 2017 and converted to Roman Catholicism in 2019.

In July 2021, Vance officially announced his campaign to run for the Ohio US Senate in 2022. Going into election night, Vance is well-positioned to become Ohio’s next US Senator, and he can cement Ohio’s status as solidly Republican state if he is victorious.

Ohioans deserve a leader who will put them and their communities first—before multinational corporations, the Military Industrial Complex, and foreign nations; JD Vance is the type of leader that both Ohio and America at-large urgently need.

  • Kari Lake vs Katie Hobbs (Arizona—Governor)

By this point, you probably have heard of Kari Lake. She is making waves regarding her well-run campaign against far-left Democrat Katie Hobbs for Arizona’s Governorship.

For background, Arizona was once the home of many Establishment Republicans—such as John McCain and Jeff Flake. Thankfully, Kari Lake embodies the shift in Arizona politics to a more America First/MAGA agenda over the status-quo Establishment politics in Arizona’s past.

Lake has the potential to become the most Conservative governor in America, so we should all hope that Kari Lake wins on election night.

She projects confidence and poise in the face of a constant barrage of smears from Regime media, and grassroots Conservatives throughout Arizona appreciate her tenacity in defending the interests of ordinary Arizonans.

One of the most impressive aspects of Kari Lake’s platform is her detailed policy proposals concerning illegal immigration and border security. Illegal Immigration has become a huge concern in Arizona, so Kari Lake appears ready to adequately address this issue as the next Governor of Arizona.

Masters, Mastriano, Vance, and Lake embody the MAGA movement that President Trump first kickstarted in 2015. Their candidacies show that the America First movement is not going anywhere and that we are going to keep supporting America First candidates across the nation. We are finally seeing the beginning of a new class of Conservative/Republican leaders who will put the American people first.

Let’s all hope that these terrific candidates are victorious on election night. Enjoy the Red Wave in the 2022 Midterm elections! America First!