Saturday, April 20, 2024

New York And Pennsylvania: Same Mistakes, Different Day

Wow! Every time you make something idiot proof, they build a better idiot.

I live in Florida. We have a REAL Governor. He gets it. He understands what the people in the state need and he fights to give it to them. That’s why the left despises him. When a group of people go so far off the rails like the woke liberals have, logic confounds them.

New York and Pennsylvania apparently don’t learn. Part of me wants to laugh at both states. I mean, really. Are the people in those and other blue states blind? The part of me that wants to laugh wants to remind them that you got what you asked for.

The other part of me is sad. Saddened by the sheep mentality and outright stupidity displayed in these two states. Don’t get me wrong, I’m amazed by the outcome in other states, but come on. You had a chance to change your very life existence and instead you chose to deprive yourselves and your children of an opportunity for promise.

Lets start with Pennsylvania. Apparently you would rather be governed by a vegetable, rather than concede that the other candidate was the best choice.
The fact that Fetterman’s family and team allowed this election to take place is a disgrace, but you, the voters in Pennsylvania, blinded by party loyalty are even more of a disgrace.

The man had a stroke, can’t speak coherently, and yet you elect him as the person to represent your state in the Senate. Explain how this is rational? You can’t because it isn’t.

Your ridiculous “wokeism” and hatred for all things Republican has totally blinded you. The man can’t do the job.

I know, I know, Republicans are “mean” for pointing out the obvious. The problem is that liberals can’t rationalize reality. This decision was so clear that the family should have stopped it. When they didn’t it was up to the voters in Pennsylvania.

You failed Fetterman, You failed your state, and you failed yourselves.

By the way, you were lied to. Fetterman’s stroke was worse than you were told.

Dr. Marc Siegle, a frequent guest on Fox, had this to say before the election:

“Fetterman himself has said his stroke was due to a blood clot from the heart.
The doctor cited a medical journal that looked at 6,000 people in Great Britain and found that if the blood clot comes from your heart, your long-term life expectancy is curtailed. You have a more than a 60 percent chance of either not living five years, or having another stroke within those five years, greater than 60 percent chance.”

“So I say to the voters of Pennsylvania tonight who are ready to check a box tomorrow, I think before you check a box, you should consider a statistic like that.
Greater than a 60 percent chance that someone like Fetterman, with a heart in his condition, having had a stroke, could either have a recurrence or won’t survive the term.”

On to New York.

Apparently New York loves crime.

People are being randomly attacked on the streets. Unbelievably, people are even being pushed in front of subway trains. Blatant robberies, outrageous displays of not just violence, disgusting violence. The Governor’s answer is a smug smile.

Catch and release is an effective strategy for fish, not for felons. Kathy Hochul is an abomination, a liar, and a cheat. She will leave office only when New Yorker’s dispatch her, and like those before her she will retire wealthy.

They had the opportunity do that yesterday, but gluttons for punishment that they are, they chose oppression.

As I stated earlier I live in Florida. There is a steady influx of people from liberal states. Two are the most among them, New York, and California.

California is a lost cause for now, but New York had a chance. Instead they elected a Cuomo clone, promising the world, yet delivering nothing.

For Example. When she took office it was made public that Cuomo, was exploiting a loophole in LLC contribution reporting.

Cuomo set an outrageously high cap on LLC donations and also allowed the owners to stay anonymous. He also decided not to count those limits towards personal contributions.

Cuomo then exploited this to the hilt. Between 2010 to 2014 Cuomo received 6.2 million dollars from LLC’s.

Enter Hochul, promising transparency and change. Nobody could be as bad as Cuomo, right?


Hochul has changed nothing to keep New Yorkers safe. Nothing. She has continued every liberal and dangerous policy that Cuomo instituted.

As far as “Dark Money” she is worse. Hochul collected $22 million from LLC’s.

In 2019, a new law was enacted stating that any LLC donation must be attributed to the owners. As an example, lets say that Jim owns 25% of an LLC that donates $500 to Hochul’s campaign. That would count as a $125 dollar donation from Jim.

Hochul has ignored this law. Most of the donations to her campaign from LLC’s did not disclose the ownership to the board of elections. So like Cuomo, Hochul believes that rules are for other people, but not her.

Congratulations Pennsylvania and New York. On one hand You elected a vegetable and on the other a hypocritical crook.

You made your bed, get comfy.