Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Next Up For Elon Musk: Screeching From The Eurotrash

It looks like European bureaucrats are not amused by Elon Musk’s stated intention of setting free speech free on Twitter.

With the purchase barely in the books, London mayor Sadiq Khan and EU Commissioner Thierry Breton were quick to express their righteous anger at the prospect of not being able to control information the peasants are allowed to access.

The Muslim mayor of London, a city that recently claimed the proud title of acid attack capital of the world (a favorite way for muslim migrants to enrich their host country) and beat New York in the murder rate, came on to advise Musk to be watchful of “growing dangers of digitally-instigated violent extremism, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and misinformation are very real and pose an existential threat to our democracy.”

Free exchange of ideas is the existential threat to THEIR democracy, if you haven’t noticed.

It’s a threat because THEIR democracy is a system of governance based on brainwashing and manipulation of the factions in the crowd.

Suppression of an individual by the group.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

This is the reason why American Founding Fathers viewed the idea of rule by the mob in the same spirit they viewed the rule of an inbred British monarch and the bureaucrats that ran the empire for him.

Democracy always evolves into a mix of bureaucracy and mob rule, and bureaucracy always evolves into a neo-feudal generational overseer and slave classes. The bureaucrats figure out how to manipulate the mob, and then it’s the end of freedom.

It’s the nature of things; the “democracy dies as soon as people running things figure out that they can vote for money and power for themselves” effect.

Sadiq Khan is a perfect example of this self-installed ruling class. A day after his election as London’s mayor, he launched a massive anti-free speech campaign dedicating more police officers to patrolling Twitter and Facebook for perceived offenses than investigating rapes and murders. His online speech police squad is better-financed than London’s anti-terrorism division.

The same gentleman who declared that “Look, I’m mayor of the greatest city in the world, and one of our strengths is our diversity,” and “terrorism is just part and parcel of living in a major city” after an attack by a muslim terrorist living three dead and two injured.

The same muslim terrorist, Usman Khan, who was released from prison halfway through his 16-year sentence thanks to a petition from Sadiq Khan.

That same Sadiq Khan that outlawed public bible reading on London’s streets and forbade posters of bikini-clad models used in advertisements yet did not seem bothered by the rape gangs growing by over 50 percent under his watch.

It’s evident that crime, violence, and victimization of the defenseless is not something that bothers him or his ilk much. Speeches aside, the city he’s the mayor of has seen the crime rate almost double since he took reigns of power. Terrorist attacks with” undetermined motives’ are pretty much monthly.

Xenophobia and racism have yet to claim the first victim since the invention of the term.

So why are Khan and his ilk so determined to shut people up?

It’s simple. It’s the same reason why muslims attack the unbelievers for mentioning the name mohamed and bringing up his life story in a critical manner.

They’re not offended by the fact that mo was a rapist and a pedophile. They are offended by someone daring to mention it.

It’s simply about control. If you can’t discuss or criticize the idea morons are worshiping, those same morons don’t have to defend it. And let’s be frank – the Sadiq Khans, the goat boys of the backwardistan or communist leaders of tomorrow/Berkley students, know they’re not bright.

Deep down, they know it.

Intellectual discourse is not their forte. They’re not interested in defending their ideas or a conversation, they’re interested in being worshiped and obeyed. And they get intimidated by dissent, so much so that they lash out.

But fear, not. Not all is lost for the lords of Britain and the European Union. Last May, Musk met with EU Commissioner Thierry Breton to discuss his plans to purchase Twitter and, after the meeting, declared that he is “exactly aligned” with EU rules of free speech suppression.

And he’s also the same guy who waxed poetically about China in their government-run newspaper.

Businessmen make money, and in a global economy, you have to kiss ass globally. American market leverage is far from what it used to be and getting less by the day.

Then again, Steve Bannon reports that Twitter offered Musk the opportunity to knock billions off the price for his guarantee that he’d keep former President Donald Trump off the app. A bit on the hearsay side, but Bannon wouldn’t likely go public with fluff and risk his reputation.

The point is, Musk is a businessman. An absolutely great one but a businessman at heart. So is Trump, a businessman. Businessmen negotiate. That’s the job.

It’s a mile above politicians. Politicians steal and sell power.

But if you’re up against the Bretons and Khans, bargaining is the wrong tool for the job.

You can not negotiate with religious fanatics. And these people, the above-mentioned morons, the Islamic jihadists, the communists, globalists, trans worshippers, and so on, are religious fanatics. They have their cults and will gleefully sacrifice you to their gods. Just look at the last two years.

You don’t negotiate with fanatics. Fanatics only want one thing – they want to rule things, and you can’t split power. The only thing they want and you have to offer them is submission.

So let’s pull the reins back a touch on the Elon Musk Golden Hero thing. If Musk goes through with his free speech promises, great. I’ll be the first to applaud him.

If he goes the negotiation route, the money Musk used to buy Twitter belongs to investors, and if Twitter is blocked from the euro, and the Chinese markets will kill it. Principles tend to disappear when money gets involved.

At this point, no matter how good a businessman is, it will not be enough.

Wrong skillset.

At this point, we don’t need businessmen, we need cowboys.

We need crusaders. We need to win.