Saturday, July 20, 2024

Sharpton: Non-Profit For Thee, Lots Of Profit For Me

I’ve always been somewhat baffled by so-called non-profit organizations. They claim the status of non-profit for tax purposes, yet very often the head of these organizations are paid extremely well.

Al Sharpton has fancied himself as an activist since the 1970’s. I would label him nothing more than a troublemaker that drags his gas can to any racial fire he can find.

Sharpton established the National Action Network (NAN) in 1991. It’s platform basically consists of criticizing police, backing abortion, even though he is a Babtist Minister, and enflaming any situation that involves race.

For all of this rabble-rousing, Sharpton is paid well. In 2020 he was paid a straight $347,000 with no benefits, but then his salary jumped to $650,000. Which breaks down like this: Salary $348,174, Bonuses $278,503 and finally $22,117 in benefits.

Not Bad for the president of a non-profit organization. That’s not all though. There was also $291,833 spent on private jets and a whopping $650,134 spent on limos with chauffeur service.

Sharpton defended the spending stating that: “Some of it was me. Some of it was the chairman. Some of it was victims’ families.” He claimed that commercial air travel wasn’t a viable mode of travel during the pandemic because of cancellations.

The increase in salary is even more surprising because NAN’s revenue that was $11.1 million in 2020, buoyed by George Floyd protests, dropped to 7.3 Million in 2021. Nan claims that in 2020, some of the money organized a Washington march which cost 1 million dollars and other funds were used for burial costs of people who died at the hands of police brutality.

So Sharpton has himself a sweet deal. So how do you make this even sweeter? Well, you pay his daughters too. His oldest daughter is on the payroll for just under $79,000 and his other daughter is paid $60,000 for social media work.

His niece even gets a piece of the action. She is paid $16,000 for organizing and promoting events.

Yes, this non-profit organization has been really profitable for the Sharpton clan. NAN even bought Sharpton’s life story for $530,000 back in 2017.

Private jets, chauffeured limos, and a $650,000 salary. Not bad for someone that poses as a “common man,” while spreading lies and division.