Monday, May 20, 2024

The CDC’s Jab-Happy Lunacy Has To Stop

Remember the left’s battle cry during the “Plandemic?” Follow the Science! Follow the Science! This is called projection. Where you scream something and try to project any resistance onto those that disagree with you. In this case, while pleading with the public to Follow the Science, they did the exact opposite.

Shortly into the “Plandemic” it became known that masks were not effective, yet the Powers That Be pushed them endlessly. Believe it or not, some still do. They closed down schools, businesses, and churches, even though they knew the whole time that even in worst-case scenarios with the elderly, COVID had more than a 93% survival rate. Ridiculous, arbitrary rules were initiated, like staying six feet apart, not singing or yelling, or not blowing out birthday candles.

They used the “Plandemic” to alter voting methods in unprecedented ways with exorbitant numbers of drop boxes and extended voting. They refused conservative oversite at poll locations all the while claiming it was being done for the safety of the public.

Then the vaccines started and the government overreach, already out of control, hit another gear. People lost their jobs if they didn’t want to pollute their bodies with an unknown, risky, and questionable substance. Those that chose to avoid the jab were shunned, denied access to transportation and public areas.

However, it didn’t take long for the cracks to start forming. The vaccine wasn’t effective. Well, we have a booster. Then another, then another, I believe now there have been four boosters.

Are you catching on? These jabs are not necessary. I would argue that with the exception of a small portion of the population, none of the procedures or shots were needed.

I know that there are many out there that will disagree with me. People will say that they lost friends or loved ones to COVID. To those people, I convey my sympathies, but let me remind you that before COVID there was a yearly illness called the Flu, which strangely disappeared during COVID.

For example, according to the CDC the overall burden of flu for the 2017-2018 season was an estimated 41 million flu-related illnesses, 19 million flu-related medical visits, 710,000 flu-related hospitalizations, and 52,000 flu-related deaths.

Also, from the CDC on why it may be difficult to accurately determine total Flu deaths: The different coding of deaths. Influenza-associated deaths often are a result of complications secondary to underlying medical problems, and this may be difficult to sort out.

So underlying medical problems may cause the death of someone with the Flu. However, that metric was thrown out with COVID. If you died from an underlying medical issue, but you had COVID. The death was ruled as COVID related. Even if it wasn’t COVID that caused the death, having it was good enough to be listed as the cause, unlike the Flu.

Well, The CDC is at it again. In late October a panel of their “Experts” recommended that children between 6 months and 18 years old receive not one, but two COVID vaccinations.

This got the attention of Dr. Ben Carson who spoke out on the recommendation and possible consequences.

On Thursday he called it, “disappointing” and that “we have no idea what the long-term implications are.”

While the CDC stopped short of issuing a mandate, many states follow these recommendations. Dr. Carson also addressed that situation:

“So many of the states decide on their mandates based on those recommendations, and it would be a good thing to follow the science. The science tells us that the risk of death or severe complications from COVID for children is 0.025%. That’s approaching zero.”

“Those spike proteins that are produced. We have no idea what their longevity and their spread will be over the course of time, and how that may affect the other organs in the body. To trade almost zero percent risk for unknown long-term risk doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, and at least should be something that should be completely left at the hands of the parents and the health care providers.”

I agree, follow the science.

On that subject, has anyone noticed the large amount of unexplained deaths in young adults recently?

I truly fear that the consequence of this will unfold for many years going forward.