Monday, May 20, 2024

The Steely-Eyed Grace Of Kari Lake

Throughout this entire election cycle, Kari Lake has been nothing short of wildly impressive. She is the Republican candidate running against Katie Hobbs in the Arizona Gubernatorial election.

Lake meets every attack straight on with levelheaded, well-spoken responses that have left the liberal leaning mainstream media literally speechless at times. For example, Lake truly believes that the 2020 election was manipulated in Biden’s favor and she openly states that belief. A few weeks back she was confronted by the media that referred to her as an “Election Denier.” Lake calmly responded with 150 examples of Democrats that had denied election results. Democrats that included Hilary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Jimmy Carter and so on.

Recently, she has stated that if elected, she will disobey Biden’s order and continue securing Arizona’s open border. She even stood up to the NFL. When asked about the possibility of the Super Bowl, which is scheduled to be played in Phoenix in February being moved because of her political position, she responded, “I don’t answer to the NFL. I work for the people of Arizona.”

Earlier this week Lake’s class was again on display when a despicable attack ad was launched against her.

A group calling themselves the Republican Accountability Project (RAP) began running the ad that featured the mother of deceased Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. In the ad, Sicknick’s mother repeats the same lie that the left has told over and over again, that he was killed on January 6th as a result of the demonstration. She went as far as to say that her son died because of people like Kari Lake.

Brian Sicknick did not die on January 6th, and he did not die because of anything related to the happenings of that day. Sicknick died on January 7th from one, or a series of strokes. His death was determined to be of natural causes.

This is clearly stated on his death certificate and yet the left continues to perpetuate this outright lie. My guess is that like many of the lies they spin; they believe that if you repeat it often enough people will believe it.

A CBS reporter questioned Lake about the ad, reminding her about what Sicknick’s mother had said. Specifically, that people like herself are responsible for her son’s death.

Lake responded in this way:

“I’m so sorry about the death of your son, it’s tragic. I’m a mother myself, and that is, it breaks my heart.” That is a wound, when you lose a child, no matter how old they are, that never heals. So I don’t want to disparage her.”

Lake then added:

“That’s why I feel for these moms and dads who hit me up on the campaign trial and they grab me. You can spot them from across the room, there is a loss in their lives that can never be replaced and we’re losing thousands of young people. When they tell me they lost a son to fentanyl, they lost a daughter to fentanyl poisoning, this is why we are pushing so hard to secure that border.”

Kari Lake is definitely a rising star in the GOP universe. She has demonstrated all the traits that differentiate conservatives from so called woke progressives. Truth, commitment, strength, caring and class.