Wednesday, February 28, 2024

It Must Be Nice New York Lawmakers Vote Themselves A $32,000 Raise

If you are easily angered, maybe you shouldn’t read this article.

New York lawmakers just voted themselves a pay increase that makes them the highest paid in the country. These do nothing narcists, will now be paid $142,000 per year, up from $110,000. That increase represents a 29% boost in pay.

Typically, the vote took place right before the Christmas holiday in an attempt to keep it suppressed from the public.

Delusional Mayor Eric Adams, who has been widely criticized over his catch and release programs that put felons back on the streets, gloated over the fact that

crime stats released last week showed a 17% drop in shootings and a 12% drop in homicides.

What Adams didn’t proclaim quite so loudly, was that major crimes, which include murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, and grand larceny increased by 23.5% year over year.

That is a huge increase and certainly nothing to brag about, yet lawmakers believed that they deserved the pay raise

Get this, the Democrats that voted for the increase said they “worked hard” and needed a salary increase in order to attract the “best and brightest “ to the job.

Adding insult to injury, Assembly Speaker Cal Heastie, A Democrat from the Bronx had this to say:

“As I’ve always said, I think legislators work very hard, even some of the Republicans. Again, there’s no compensation you can give for people to be away from their families. I think legislators work hard.”

Apparently, this moron has no idea how many people have jobs that take them away from their families. How out of touch do you have to be to make an ignorant statement like that?

These Marxists truly believe that they are better than you and I. Their pompous ass attitudes are disgusting.

By the way, In addition to their salaries, lawmakers also get $183 per day in per diem funds for each day they spend in Albany. So each day they are “On site” actually doing their jobs, they receive $183 over and above their salary.

Also, starting in 2025 lawmakers will be “limited” to $35,000 in outside income.

While the constituents of these clowns suffer under an overall inflation rate of close to 10%, and a major crime increase of 24%, they live in gated communities and celebrate gifting themselves a 29% pay raise.

The election was just over a month ago. I guess it’s just a coincidence that this vote didn’t take place before then.