Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Glorious Rise of Christian Nationalism

In the past year, a new political “bogeyman” has burst onto the scene, and that movement is what people broadly call “Christian Nationalism”.

My first encounter with the term “Christian Nationalism” occurred over the summer at Turning Point USA’s 2022 Student Action Summit (SAS). At the conference, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene gave a speech wherein she stated her identification with and support of “Christian Nationalism”. Of course, many Far-Left media platforms sounded the alarm bells after MTG’s speech. So-called journalists and radical Leftist pundits flipped out at MTG’s endorsement of Christian Nationalism—though they never seem to finger-wag at Leftist “Christians” like Pastor-and-Senator Raphael Warnock.

Over the past few months, the usual suspects—such as Meet the Press, Salon, Time, and more—have published their hit pieces to dishonestly paint Conservative Christians in an extremely negative light. My goal for this article is to push back against the negative publicity surrounding Christian Nationalism.

Before I go on, we should seek to answer the following question: what is Christian Nationalism?

Simply put, Christian Nationalism is the recognition that the civil government exists to promote the natural law and to order people to True Religion–namely Christianity. Putting it another way, Christian Nationalism seeks to remake the Christian Republic that existed in the early days of America’s founding.

Christian Nationalism is not about re-creating an Old Testament-style theocracy or a Medieval monarchy. Instead, this movement recognizes that a nation made up of Christian people should establish Christianized institutions, customs, and laws.

In the past few months, two best-selling books about Christian Nationalism were released to the public.

These two books are Andrew Torba’s Christian Nationalism: A Biblical Guide For Taking Dominion And Discipling Nations and Stephen Wolfe’s The Case for Christian Nationalism.

Having personally read these books, I highly recommend all my readers to check out both works. These two books are currently the definitive works when it comes to defining and promoting “Christian Nationalism”.

As a side note, I personally recommend reading Torba’s book first–mainly because it is a lot shorter than Wolfe’s book. Torba’s book is more of a more of a concise primer on the meaning of Christian Nationalism and its implications. With a length of under one hundred pages, this book is a solid first step in learning about Christian Nationalism.

Wolfe’s book is a much more detailed account of Christian Nationalism—making it the best deep-dive treatment to-date into Christian Nationalism. Clocking in at nearly 500 pages in length, Wolfe’s The Case for Christian Nationalism covers a broad host of related topics–including Cultural Christianity, the American Founding, Civil Law, religious liberty, and the role of Christian Magistrates.

Of course, many dishonest writers and journalists have straw-manned the ideas in both books without actually reading the books themselves, but I digress. Even if one disagrees with Torba’s and Wolfe’s conclusions, one cannot honestly deny the historical facts and logic within these books.

Here are just some of the facts: nine of the 13 original American colonies had established Christian Churches. Most states at the time of the Founding allowed only professing Christians to hold public office. Even today, several state constitutions disallow atheists from holding office–including Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi (these state constitutions’ clauses are now unenforceable due to previous Supreme Court rulings).

Historically, America was founded as Christian nation. Yet, our education system and the American regime hide this fact from the American people. Even I was unaware of this reality until fairly recently. Thankfully, books like Wolfe’s The Case for Christian Nationalism are shedding light on the truth of America’s Christian Founding.

America was, is, and should remain a Christian nation. Thankfully, strong Christians leaders, laymen, and pastors are finally starting to acknowledge this sentiment. For too long, Christians in America allowed secularists and Far-Left radicals to run our nation’s institutions, media, and government. We can no longer stand idly by while our globalist” America Last” ruling class plunders our nation and marginalizes the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To close, I want to make known my support for the broader Christian Nationalism movement—as proposed by Stephen Wolfe and Andrew Torba; Conservative Christians should welcome the development of “Christian Nationalism” as a burgeoning political movement. Consider the troubling trajectory that American morality is heading when it comes to key topics such as marriage, family life, and faith. This movement is truly the last, best hope to restore the moral decay in America’s soul.

At the end of the day, the principles of free-market economics, limited government, and free speech did not make America great. Christianity is what made America great.

Before you go, make sure to check out Stephen Wolfe’s recent interview with Pastor Doug Wilson: