Sunday, April 14, 2024

Leftists Reveal New Strategy to Sabotage Donald Trump and MAGA in 2024

Want to know what the left’s new strategy is to undermine Donald Trump and, by extension, conservative voters in 2024?

In a column last month, the leftist website The Daily Kos gave us a hint. Author Rexymeteorite describes his piece as “snark,” but, to quote the Marvel superhero Thor, “Is it, though?”

The left’s plea: Trump, possibly on the outs with other Republicans after last month’s mid-term elections, must run for president as an independent.

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“We humbly request that you and your voters ditch the Republican party for good in 2024! What have they ever done for you? They ditched your greatness at the first opportunity, my king! They said ‘President for life’ but they were fair weather friends, and now they are trying to kill your successful run for president in 2024, all but a bygone conclusion, by strangling it in its infancy! The RINOs have spoken. They are anointing another!” Rexymeteorite wrote.  

“So we propose a national MAGA walk out of the Republican party. There are far too many squish RINO traitors to save them! They have betrayed everything that MAGA stands for by not CLEARLY acknowledging that Donald Trump not only is the next President of the United States, but is God King of North America and sits at the right hand of Jesus himself. Us Democrats have come to understand his Tan Glory all too well over these past years and secretly want Donald to be free of the yoke of the Republican Party. We support you! The formation of the MAGA party would show those RINOs who’s really in charge.”

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Expect this talk to circulate among leftists throughout 2023.

In 2024, however, expect the establishment press and Democratic Party operatives (who, even though it’s cliché to say it, are one and the same) to introduce this narrative and make it go mainstream.

They will do everything they can to encourage Trump to do like Ross Perot and take votes away from the GOP presidential nominee (assuming, of course, it isn’t Trump).

What will Trump do?

Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt for the GOP-friendly press to ask Trump. And the sooner the better.

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