Friday, May 24, 2024

Nancy Pelosi’s next adventure awaits

The good thing is in life all terrible mediocre evil things must come to an end and thankfully that happened when Nancy Pelosi decided to step away from politics as the Democrats’ leader in Congress.

It was the end of an awful era and I can only believe that many jumped for joy.

Because when you think of the old Pelosi in reality what has she really done? All I can really think of is that she gave away billions of taxpayers’ money to foreign countries and ripped apart a State of the Union speech by President Donald Trump. What a great legacy to leave behind, and yes, I know that people will debate me on what she did for America, but as the Average Man, I’m just calling it as I see it. 

The only thing I wish I would have followed were her stock tips because man she made a killing in the stock market. The question remains however what will Nancy do next? Will she take a page out of the Obamas playbook and sign with Netflix? I mean she has the makings of a true reality TV star. I heard that even the Real Housewives of New Jersey are scared of her and that says a lot. 

Now I know that Nancy has stepped away from the political stage but my sources tell me that she will be back in some form or another. With some intense mediocre research, we were able to figure out what some future career opportunities just might be for old Nancy. 

1- Stock Broker 

I mean this one is pretty obvious because Nancy has all the inside info when it comes to making it big in the market. I mean the woman is like a magic genie it always impresses me how she knows when to invest in a company that is about to do a huge business with the United States. It’s almost like she has inside info on these transactions or something. 

2- A reality show Real Housewife

I mean come on guys you have to admit that Nancy would make an amazing reality tv housewife. She has a mean passive-aggressive personality and looks pretty much down because she’s a natural. The issue I could see here as I said was that I don’t believe any of the current housewives would want to be on screen with her.  The best trait however is that Nancy is never wrong about anything and she truly believes that. Oh man, I wish I was her talent agent because I would make so much money off her. 

3- Spokesman for AARP

This is pretty much every retired actor, actress, or political figure. When I think about it however Nancy might not be the right choice because she still gets her hair down as if she is a 43-year-old. 

4- The Devil

Do I really have to explain this one?

5- Disney Character Actor 

Nancy Pelosi would make an amazing Disney villain character. I could see her playing the evil witch or queen from pretty much anything. If I had to choose just one it would be the witch from Sleeping Beauty. The only downside here is that she might be too believable and scare most of the kids off.

In conclusion, when I heard that Nancy was going to retire and step away from politics it felt like when the rebels destroyed the death star and the emperor was gone. To end on a high note I do wish Nancy all the best in retirement and hopefully, we get to see her actually smile. If she is however interested in having her own reality show then she needs to contact me pronto.