Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The New World Order Is Here, And You Might Be Missing It

There are two ways to build communism.

And don’t take the “it can never be done, no one has ever succeeded’ road. History doesn’t matter to the people who are building it, and if they get to the point where someone will discuss this plan as another failure, your and my bones will be rotting in the field.

Approach 1. Level the previous system and build it from scratch. Soviets. Chinese, Vietnam, Korea, most of Africa, and Cuba have all done it. This approach is hard not to spot coming, and resistance is very likely.

Approach 2. Slowly legislate and brainwash the population in place until the republic is transformed into a socialist utopia. Replace the people that are hard to rule (20 percent to the wall is a normal procedure post-revolution, so the replacement is not really anything to clutch your pearls about).

No one wants to deal with Christians, Jews, individualists, or any other rabble-rousers. Their loyalty will always be to their God, freedom, or some other bull instead of the party and dear leader. After that, you’ve got to get rid of useful idiots – betrayal is a habit, and these clowns have already shown they have no loyalty to anything.

Can’t go wrong following Pol Pot’s footsteps and just killing off everyone with an IQ over 65 and wearing eyeglasses.

I think our fuhrer was pretty clear on the threat MAGA and super-super MAGA present to Muh Democracy.

These are not exactly people known for the softness of their hearts. Why would they be? Eliminate the religion and moral code and why wouldn’t you kill, rape, and steal?

Communism, which is basically socialism with the fluff stripped out and the opposition exterminated, is an ultimate anti-individual system.

Everything for the group, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, ask not what the country, blah, blah, you get the idea.

Its cornerstones are :

  • No private property, including your body.

You exist to benefit the group. Decisions are made by a group of designated and usually hereditary members of the overseer class controlling that group. Checkists, bureaucrats, “experts,” public servants. The betters.

In socialism, you (meaning the lower class, serf, tax cows) don’t own stuff. The mystical “people” own that stuff, but you are not allowed to touch it without permission of the people’s representatives, as in the overseer class.

  • No individual opinions that do not align with the group.

You will be silenced (think Twitter, Facebook, or any other public space), you will lose your livelihood and be excised from society (think Canadian truckers, general Flynn, Giuliani, Canadian tuckers, cancel culture, etc.).

You will be portrayed as evil itself by the media, educators, and other parts of the governmental machine.

  • Children are the property of the state.

The educational system has been completely taken over by fellow travelers. Think about racial justice theories, the way America and Americans are portrayed, and the way kids feel about this country. The first thing that communists do after a takeover is to place every kid in mandatory schools.

You cannot reliably brainwash adults. It’s extremely easy with 6 to 12-year-olds. The American educational system does not educate anymore. It indoctrinates into the communist fold. Teaches kids to memorize – not things like multiplication tables, by he way – and obey, not think and understand. Over a quarter of kids graduating high school can’t read. Over 70 percent of Millennials and Gen Z prefer socialism over any other way of living.

  • Religion is replaced with the state.

Think about the way church leaders were bought and sold to promote the so-called covid 19 vaccine. Almost uniform participation. The state licenses the church. Church serves the state.

  • No right of self-defense.

Since you exist to benefit the group, if the group wants to take your life or anything else, what right do you have to defend it? The anti-firearm policy of Obama and “Obama White” governments and their support of criminals in lieu of the victims is pretty obvious.

Think “no citizen has the need to own weapons of war.” If someone else has the right to determine what you need, you are not a citizen. You are a serf. Don’t forget about the no-cash-bail policies instituted in every left-wing hellhole in the country to prioritize criminals over the law-abiding.

Dedicated BLM and Antifa supporter Kate Brown, outgoing Oregon governor, just issued a blanket amnesty for all murderers sentenced to be executed.

Sounds familiar?

All socialist/communist countries have very similar simple societal structures.

A low-level class struggling with daily necessities and having no chance of upward mobility for their children, a hereditary entertainer class to manipulate and motivate the low class, and an enforcer/owner class that oversees the use of resources, mostly to benefit themselves.

Everyone is beholden for their continued existence to the king, dear leader, fuhrer, Big guy.

It’s an exact copy of a feudal lordship. If something works, why change it?

Bit by bit, the frog makes no noise at all.

This brings me back to the great, late US of A.

Over the last few decades, the core of the republic and the core of our culture has slowly been brainwashed out of existence. As ugly as that sounds, a republic is not that important. It’s a product that culture produces. Republics get born and die and get born again. Culture, once dead, is impossible to restore.

The spine of our country, the individual, free to live or die as he pleases, became an evil to be despised, culminating with “you need to take the shot to save the old ladies we’re killing in retirement homes, you selfish bastard.”

We exist to benefit the group.

Instead of individuals uniting to accomplish tasks impossible alone, as this country’s founders did.

Our history is now the story of imperialist rape of mother earth and the oppression of indigenous people.

The nuclear family is now a racist, misogynist hellhole warping kids’ minds with Judeo-Christian white supremacist propaganda. Meanwhile, the selfless teachers and drag queens are heroically saving them by educating elementary school kids in the use of butt plugs and flashing their junk in kids’ faces while heroically fighting off the deadly threat of parents sticking their boorish and uneducated noses into the educational system.

The property is evil.

A thing has to meet just two basic criteria to be considered private property.

It needs to have value, and you must have the right to sell or modify it as you feel fit.

Very, very few people of the last two generations own their homes or cars outright. We pay mortgages, car payments, etc., and resell or trade in our cars and homes every 4-5 years.

The use of “our ‘ property is dependent on paying yearly fees and taxes and to modify “our” property, more taxes, permits, and permissions are due. We must be obedient to the overseer class, or our property is forfeit.

And from time to time, our daily groveling and submission is not enough, the government will exercise its right as a rightful lord and claim the right of prima nocte, I mean, imminent domain.

Just to show who’s in charge.

Taking into account the inflation, we do not accumulate equity in anything we own. We do not pass anything to our children, allowing them to start at a higher spot than we started and go further.

Culturally that’s just not a thing anymore. There is no business to pass to our kids, no home, no farm. Everything gets sold to a large corporation eventually, because Mom and Pop want to retire and the kids seldom want to carry on the family business. Legacy is a lost cause.

We don’t own anything. We do not accumulate equity in anything we own. We do not pass anything to our children, allowing them to start at a higher spot than we started and go further.

Owning stuff, as crude as it sounds, is the core, the reason for civilization. We live to protect and provide for our loved ones and the offspring we provide. Everything else is fluff. Sometimes fun, v-twin roaring fluff, but still fluff. It does not contribute to the survival of the species.

It’s not just “stuff.”

It’s our life that our children can build on.

Without fruits of our effort that generate property, tools, and food for your family, there is no reason to work, try or put any effort into anything when there is no property.

This is a huge reason why socialist countries produce nothing. No motivation to try or do.

An average desk jockey works 45 minutes a day. Not my business? Why would I put effort into it? You pretend to pay us; we pretend to work, as the Soviets used to say.

Upward mobility is dependent on submitting to the ruling class. Professional and business licenses, school admission boards, and sufficient years of brainwashing in institutes of higher learning guarantee that. And if you rebel? Well, look at what happened to California doctors that dared to question the orthodoxy of covid 19. Religion anyone?

There is no difference between us and the hold we have on our businesses, homes, and lives, and the peasants and feudal lords are granted land and life by the king’s authority. Or the slaves of the state of any communist republic.

The WEF’s “you will own nothing and be happy” is not coming. It’s already here. We’re just too brainwashed to see what’s in front of us.

Welcome to the glorious tomorrow, comrades.