Friday, April 12, 2024

To Win Big, Conservatives Must Embrace These New Ideas

I’ll remind you about what conservatives must endure year after year after year.

Then I’ll inform you as to what the right must do to turn things around — for the better.

So here we are. Another year, another election.

Government got bigger. Inflation got worse. Our bank accounts got smaller. Our beliefs and values are still continually insulted by the establishment press and other people in positions of power. And big tech muzzles conservatives whenever we tell the truth.

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Idiots…I mean ignorant people…who seem to slightly outnumber us at the ballot box send politicians to Washington, D.C. who want government to regulate everybody and everything other than themselves.  

People become increasingly dependent on government, enabling politicians to buy votes with honest people’s hard-earned money. And, eventually, future generations will look upon ours’ as sorry. We spent all their money. And we wasted that money on stupid stuff.

People today feel passion about the new chicken sandwich at Popeyes but care little about the cancers on society that I’ve just discussed.

Many of the Republicans who do go to Congress are either wimps or are too beholden to the powerful donor classes to care about us or our best interests.

Too many voters, meanwhile, were never taught the right values about hard work, rugged individualism, and what makes America great.

Some voters are permanently stupid. No one can fix them.

But my personal feeling is there are other voters out there whom Republicans have not reached or tried to reach. These people traditionally vote Democrat but on some levels are reasonable and would vote for conservatives….if conservatives used better tactics.

Bottom line, if we want to improve ours’ and other people’s livelihoods then members of the right have no other choice but to step out of their comfort zones.

For the right, that means the following:

• They must stop fraternizing with only the same groups of people time after time after time.

• They must reach out to traditional Democratic voters, including minorities — on a regular basis.

• They must preach to all the benefits of a limited federal government (federalism).

• They must demonstrate to the public that the central planners in D.C. who impose a one-size-fits all approach upon all 50 states are the single greatest cause of division in America today.

• They must convince a majority of voters that the United States works best as an experiment where states compete against one another to come up with the best and most effective policy solutions.

That means convincing the public that perpetually living as dependents on government is just another form of slavery. This goes for people who live in ghettos. This goes for white-collar executives who pad politicians’ campaign bank accounts with generous donations and later reap the benefits when said politicians reward those white-collar executives with even more generous taxpayer-funded benefits.

That also means instilling people with pride, self-respect, and, finally, shame for taking money from hard-working taxpayers.

The GOP should stop caring what Democrats and the establishment press (one and the same) thinks of them and should start caring about how to defeat and discredit them.

This is not a game of go-along-to-get along. This is a game of chess. This is the art of war.

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And, finally, the right needs to support and nominate candidates for office who passionately credibly, and eloquently articulate conservative values and how and why those values are superior to all others and benefit everybody long-term.

Yes, it’s time for the right to change tactics, even if it means trying new things and/or putting ourselves in situations and places we find awkward and unpleasant.

Some conservatives, like Mitch McConnell, are in this game to lose so they can say they made a stand and can claim some moral victory. That’s the wrong attitude. Conservatives should put themselves in the game to win.

Where not only elections but hearts and minds are concerned, the right must win. And remain hellbent on winning…in perpetuity.

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