Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Gavin Newsom Wants A Complete Gun Ban

In the wake of recent mass shootings in California, Governor Gavin Newsom made some comments about the gun control issue. What really stuck out was when Newsom called the Second Amendment “a suicide pact.”

California, which is dominated by Democrats, has the strictest gun control laws on the books in the country. The weapon and standard capacity magazines used in the Monterey Park shooting were already illegal under California law. The weapon used has not even been manufactured since the 1980s. The Half Moon Bay shooter used a handgun, which is clearly constitutionally protected.

When Gavin Newsom uses language describing the Second Amendment as a “suicide pact,” he’s not just calling for “assault weapon” and “high capacity” magazine bans. Newsom really wants to end legal civilian gun ownership in the U.S. or at the very least make a heavily restricted privilege granted by the state.

Newsom wanting a complete gun ban is not just my interpretation of his comments. That is also the interpretation of constitutional attorney Kostas Moros.

I, for one, would love to have an honest debate over the right to keep and bear arms. We know gun grabbers like Newsom really want to take away most people’s guns. They just don’t say it publicly. Instead, they take an incremental approach and only hint about it like what Newsom did.

I like our odds in such a debate. We have strong evidence on our side that guns actually save lives. Also, the right to bear arms itself was on the ballot in Iowa last November. We won when nearly two-thirds of Iowans voted to put a right to keep and bear arms in the state constitution.

Newsom and those who agree with him are going to have to explain how they plan to confiscate hundreds of millions of firearms from previously law-abiding citizens. Even better, they’re going to have to explain how to confiscate all of those guns without violating the rest of the Bill of Rights.

Newsom and his allies will also likely have to deal with the fact that a whole lot of local sheriffs and police chiefs will not help them. Illinois, for example, has nearly every sheriff refusing to enforce the “assault weapons” ban that was passed earlier this month. That ban doesn’t even call for confiscation. There aren’t nearly enough federal law enforcement agents to confiscate hundreds of millions of guns.

Finally, there is the problem of technology. Anti-gun law enforcement officials are learning to their horror that guns can now be made using cheap 3D printers and metal pieces you can buy at a hardware store.

Such details likely aren’t all that important to Newsom. He is after all a dilettante con man who is objectively bad at his current job. California is a beautiful state and it takes a special kind of weaponized governmental failure for people to be leaving the state in droves.

Ultimately Newsom wants to fail upward to the White House. He’s willing to take away your rights to do it.