Sunday, May 19, 2024

Biden’s IRS Equity? Look Closer At Whites And Asians

Think back to when “Jealous Joe” took office. He was so possessed by Trump Derangement Syndrome that he got writer’s cramp signing executive orders to undo as much of the good that Trump had accomplished as possible.

One change that went largely unnoticed at the time was his executive order that stated:

“This highlighted the immense human expenses of institutional racism and
chronic poverty and gave a strong and unparalleled authority for all government agencies to introduce a massive strategy to equity.”

As a result, The Financial Advisory Panel on Race-based Equity was created by the Department of Treasury.

Fast forward to February 16th of this year. At that time Biden issued a second executive order mandating that all government agencies must carry out measures that promote racial equity. Within that order it is written that the head of each agency must:

“Support ongoing execution of an integrated equity plan that employs the institution’s strategy, government budget, algorithmic, service-delivery sourcing, and data-collection procedure. This must also include grantmaking, civic outreach, evaluation and research, and regulatory oversight features to facilitate the institution’s purpose and service delivery to produce equal and fair results for all Americans, such as underprivileged areas.”

Wanting more clarity on exactly what this self-serving administration means by racial equity, The America First Legal Foundation filed a Freedom of Information Act request on Tuesday.

The group strongly believes that the:

“Treasury Department is committed to imputing race and ethnicity into tax data for the purpose of ensuring that more white, Asian, and mixed-race Americans are audited based solely on their race or national origin.”

Within their Freedom of Information request it states:

“When read in context with the Department of the Treasury’s ongoing efforts to racialize tax policy, the new Executive Order signals that the Biden Administration intends to alter Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) audit algorithms to target white, Asian, or mixed-race taxpayers. Congress has prohibited the IRS from collecting race and ethnicity data from American taxpayers. But since President Biden took office, the Treasury Department has been using racial equity as a key factor in the design of tax compliance, and illegally examining the tax system through a racial equity lens.”

The FOIA request also included this statement:

“Given the Biden Administration’s deep-seated racial fixations, there is a clear and present danger that Biden’s Treasury Department and IRS plan to use at least some of their new army of IRS agents to conduct race-based audits and enforcement actions against white, Asian, and mixed- race taxpayers.”

Stephen Miller, The President of America First Legal Foundation, and former Senior Advisor to President Trump, penned this on the group’s website:

“With the stroke of a pen, Biden has transformed the entire federal government into a DEI cult, putting equity czars inside virtually every single agency of the executive branch and subordinating every department to the Marxist equity agenda. The most extreme excesses of the radical woke college campus have just been transported into, and embedded within, every function of the federal government, in an attempt to supplant the actual laws and Constitution of the United States in order to punish and exclude Americans based on their race, ancestry, and gender.”

“Biden does this all by passing no new laws, let alone constitutional amendments, but by ordering the permanent bureaucracy to follow his written orders to completely remake government in the image of the ultra-woke ultra-radical left. Workers will be retrained and re-educated. Policies will be redrawn and redesigned. Benefits will be redirected and reoriented, all according to the Marxist equity czars and their taskmasters in the White House.”

Everything that Miller states is true. Equity should apply to opportunity, but equity cannot be legislated into results. If any American, regardless of race distinguishes themselves, they should not be punished for the sake of “fairness.”
What the left is pushing used to be called communism, then they called it socialism, then Democratic socialism, now they call it being “progressive.”

It didn’t work for Hitler in Germany, Stalin in Russia, Mao in China or Castro in Cuba.

Trying to force equal results kills innovation, competition, quality, opportunity, motivation and eliminates prosperity.

Equal justice, Yes. Equal Opportunity, Yes. However, equal outcomes cannot and should not be guaranteed.

What the left is doing will not guarantee that everyone will be equally successful, but it will ensure that we will all be equally unsuccessful.