Sunday, May 19, 2024

Standing for the Truth: the Case of Pastor Tyrel Bramwell

About a month ago, Lutheran pastor Tyrel Bramwell and the members of St. Mark Lutheran in Ferndale, California stood up for the truth–against the “woke” LGBT mafia.

Back in January, a California LGBT group organized an “all-age” Drag show in Pastor Bramwell’s town of Ferndale. This LGBT group is called the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”–a blasphemous group of “queer and trans nuns”. In order warn the local townspeople about this event, the Pastor Bramwell and his Church decided to put out this message on its Church sign.

For context, Ferndale is a small town in Northern California–with a population hovering around 1,300 people. Even in a small town like Ferndale, drag shows are now becoming a normal part of life unfortunately. Small-town America is no longer immune to the decadent trends that are prevalent in urban America.

Unsurprisingly, the LGBT/”woke” mafia and local media condemned Pastor Bramwell’s for his vocal opposition to the proposed drag queen show. After the LGBT group cancelled its “all-ages” drag show, Pastor Bramwell and his Church received a flood of threats and harassment in the wake of the all backlash.

Standing for Christ and the Holy Scriptures’ teachings about sexuality is not easy these days. So, we should all be grateful for Pastor Bramwell’s courage and stand with him during these tough times.

If you want to learn more about Pastor Bramwell, then check out his weekly KFUO radio show Cross Defense and his recent interview on Christian talk radio network Issues Etc. Pastor Bramwell’s interview on Issues Etc. goes into detail about his experience facing the “Woke Mob”.

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