Saturday, May 18, 2024

For Diversity’s Sake, Brit Cops Hire Functional Illiterates And Criminals

When does common sense override the need for the left’s illusion that everything has to be diverse, equal, and inclusive? Tolerance has now reached a level where intelligence is silenced so the stupid won’t be offended.

The London Metropolitan Police force has now been compromised in the pursuit of diversity. Former Commissioner Cressida Dick and London Mayor Sadiq Khan settled on an agreement in 2021 that 40 percent of all new recruits would be either Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic, (BAME).

At the time of the agreement the force consisted of 15.4 percent of BAME.

As is the case of so many “Pie In The Sky” woke ideas, the results have been predictably dismal, as well as dangerous. In their righteous pursuit of diversity, the police force has been hiring recruits that are functionally illiterate in English and some with criminal records.

Matt Parr, a former Rear Admiral, now an inspector with His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary had this to say:

“Everyone is trying to do the right thing here and they are all acting from noble motives by and large, but the upshot is they are taking too much risk with people and where they are taking risk, and I would support them in taking risk, they are not managing it properly as well.”

Parr went on to discuss other aspects of the situation, but in my assessment he at times seemed to contradict himself. Perhaps he was trying to uphold the worthiness of the mandate, but at times he seemed to miss the mark in his report.

For instance, he stated that recruiters taking a risk on minorities with criminal records was not the greater concern. Parr seems to think that the greater concern is that by lowering the standards to achieve greater diversity, the force has hired people that are functionally illiterate in English and are incapable of properly writing up a crime report.

Granted, setting ridiculous quotas that cause people to be hired that don’t possess the necessary skills to do any job properly is problematic. However, we aren’t talking about accountants, or insurance salesmen. We are talking about people being hired to uphold the law, and being on the correct side of the laws you are going to uphold is just as important as speaking and writing the language.

Parr also said this:

“London, which will likely be a minority city in the next decade or so, should not be policed by an overwhelmingly white police force. For London police to have too many of one racial group, regardless of their competence is clearly wrong, from a legitimacy point of view and from an appearance point of view.”

Funny, I always believed having the most competent people doing any job, should be the goal, regardless of how it appears.

It was learned that some of the people that were interviewed and were cleared, had criminal records that included DUI’s, robbery, domestic abuse, ties to organized crime and indecent exposure.

Sadly, sacrificing public safety in the name of diversity is nothing new to this police force.

One officer that engaged in inappropriate touching of a citizen as well as other junior officers was transferred to another post. The transfer was accepted and approved even though the constable at his new location was aware of the improprieties. The transfer was accepted:

“On the grounds that accepting the transferee would make the force more diverse.”

Ironically, after hatching this plan with Mayor Khan in 2021, then Commissioner Cressida Dick was forced to resign in February of 2022. Khan had threatened to remove Dick for a lack of reform on the force amid growing accusations of misogyny and racism. Stating the only way to overhaul the force was to have:

“New leadership at the top.”

At her announcement Dick said:

“With huge sadness, it has become clear that Mayor Khan no longer has sufficient confidence in my leadership to continue. He has left me no choice but to step aside as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service.”

A report at the time by the Independent Office for Police Conduct, the police watchdog, condemned misogyny, bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment among a dozen officers, most of them based in central London’s Charing Cross police station.

The report cited officers joking about rape and using other offensive language in social media messages, and said the incidents were part of a wider culture that can’t be blamed on a few “bad apples.”

Dick had been under heavy pressure to resign in 2021 when on March 3rd of that year an off-duty officer, Wayne Couzens, kidnapped, raped, strangled, and then burned the body of Sarah Everard.

Then adding to the vitriol surrounding the murder, Vigils were held for Everard on the evening of March 13th . The vigil on Clapham Common, near where she had disappeared, led to a controversial police response and four arrests for breaches of COVID-19 regulations. The murder gave rise to widespread debate about the role of police in British society and women’s safety in the UK.

This is obviously a police force that has been mired with internal problems for a while. Their answer to these issues appears to be jumping from the frying pan into the fire, by hiring known criminals and illiterates.

Yeah, that should work.