Monday, May 20, 2024

Is This Becoming Stalin’s America?

I have had the privilege and honor to homeschool my children for seven years of adventure and learning. One of the recent books we have selected to read together as a family is Eugene Yelchin’s Breaking Stalin’s Nose, a Newberry Honor recipient. My children are privy to the uniqueness of our nation more so than most children their age because I am the Director for the Mississippi chapter of Restore Liberty, and we are Veteran founded and centered around the Constitution of the United States and Biblical teachings. This job enables many meetings with legislators, everyday citizens, pastors, local elected officials, and other champions of freedom from geographical locations spanning all over the United States. My children get to hear many conversations and be part of many of the classes I host on the Constitution and Biblical worldview.

As we read this book together and discussed it, my children were quite engaged with the unfolding of the twelve-year-old protagonist’s plight. In the book, Sasha Zaichik desires to become a young pioneer for the Soviet Union. He wants to be devoted to Comrade Stalin, the ideals of the Soviet Union, and the Communist party. Young Soviet Communists, after all, are principled and have every right to snitch on those who are not on board with the regime’s agenda, the teachings, and the propaganda. They are obligated to report others whether family, friend, or foe, whom they suspect might be straying or undermining the group think. You do not get to stay in society even if suspected. You are considered a traitor, hauled off, imprisoned, killed, or both. To even suspect someone of falling out of line means they are guilty.

My kids understood the disillusionment immediately as the totalitarian state was painted, championed, and glossed over as something wonderfully worthy. They could sense the juxtaposition. It is only because they have the schema and concept of true Freedom. They are being taught Founding intent and the way government is supposed to work. They recognized the sad state of Sasha’s initial brainwashing, yet their schema would not exist but for the brave and principled individuals throughout history who dared challenge, resist, and fight the tyranny of their time.

A disturbing conversation happened recently with my children and a dear friend of theirs. He was detailing a recent argument he was having with other school children in his own neighborhood who were explaining to him that he was the reason people were getting sick and dying. This was a horrifying accusation of our twelve-year-old friend, no? What was the reason? His parents had not taken him to get the covid vaccinations. The school children of his neighborhood explained to our young friend that “everyone knows that it is the only way we will get back to normalcy.” Their jeers were clear that he was part of the resistance crowd that was a clear and present danger. He was the only one who had a concept of unalienable rights and conscience.

These are the same schoolchildren who told him if he did not get on board with “Global Warming” that he would be the reason why acid rain would fall from the skies killing people and livestock. I am not surprised. These are kids of the community. Kids of the system. Kids of propaganda. Their parents are okay with the indoctrination, and their action (or inaction) enforces this. This is modern day Marxist and Communist rhetoric spewed out by vulnerable children who are prime targets for totalitarian regimes who seek to undermine the Constitutional Republic and our Biblical form of government. The systems are working as designed. The new branding is all forms of “do your part to save lives” rhetoric and Critical Theory which includes, but is not limited to, social justice theories, critical race theory, and the “greater good” group-think hogwash.

Writer Eugene Yelchin’s young character dreamed of what he would say to Comrade Stalin and the Marxist regime if he ever got the chance in Chapter 1, and he expressed great pride for his father in Chapter 3:

            “I want to thank you personally for my happy childhood. I am fortunate to live in the Soviet Union, the most democratic and progressive country in the world. I read how hard the lives of children are in capitalist countries and I feel pity for all those who do not live in the USSR. They will never see their dreams come true.”

            “The State Security is our secret police, and their job is to unmask the disguised enemies infiltrating…my dad is one of their best. Comrade Stalin personally pinned the order of the Red Banner on his chest and called him “an iron broom purging the vermin from our midst.”

Sasha dreamed of all this until they came for his mother and father. He dared operate by some conviction and principle upon realization. They had now come for him.

The tactics have never gone away, and we see them in America now. The perpetrators have come and gone, but the ideals of replacing God with man and usurping outside of God ordained jurisdiction is still in play. The regime mentalities that desire to rot a society from the inside out through preying on the emotions and minds of our children are still operating. Children are important Kingdom of God work. We must be serious to stand in the gap for them for the enemy is coming hard after them.

Parents may not understand the true intent of our own government regarding the education of their children. Things are not well and good. Parents need to know what is happening on campuses and in their child’s classrooms, the playgrounds, the bathrooms, the curriculum, the school board meetings. They need a firm grasp on who the Superintendents are both state and district levels, and what the overarching agenda is for the government systems directly affecting them.

When you understand all systems that perpetuate globalist ideologies and piece it in like a puzzle to see the full picture, then it makes sense why children and adults spew such vile lies and believe them. It is not only the sinful nature of systems to lie, but it is the nature of man to take the path of least resistance.

Theodor Adorno, a German philosopher, sociologist, and psychologist, said, “A German is someone who cannot tell a lie without believing it himself.”

Sadly, so many Americans have selected the proverbial “Kool-Aid” as their drink of choice, and they are freely pouring it up for their children and communities. The scarlet letters, the yellow stars, the vaccine passports, the anti-vaxxer stigmas. What next? Who will they come for next? How will they brand it?  

Injecting Freedom writer, Attorney Aaron Siri, brought attention to the new Meriam-Webster definition of “Anti-Vaxxer.” If you question any vaccine, you are now an “Anti-Vaxxer.” Mr. Siri goes on to explain that the irony is you are penalized of sorts if you are a “thinking, rational, human being,” but you are applauded if you mindlessly get every one of them with no questions asked.

I can assure you, like Sasha Zaichik, many will believe the totalitarian regime rhetoric until it directly affects THEM. Still tragically, there will be some who will not see the light of truth. Never in history has this not happened. At some point in time, we will all have our reckoning if we choose Stalin’s America.

Rebecca Chaney is the Director for Restore Liberty Mississippi, and she sits on the board for the Mississippi Freedom Caucus. She is a lifetime Patriot Academy Constitution Coach and has hosted Biblical Citizenship and Constitutional classes since 2020. She has helped to start these classes across the state of Mississippi. She is a homeschool Mom of seven years to her son and daughter. She writes when she has a bit of free time to educate others about practical ways they can restore liberty from a Biblical worldview.