Thursday, July 18, 2024

PETA Suggests Oscar Mayer Could Re-name Iconic Wienermobile a ‘NotDogmobile’ to Promote Plant-based Hot Dogs

How much would you ask to sell your soul? How about the price of a new catalytic converter?

The deal was posed to the top officer of the Oscar Mayer company by Ingrid Newkirk, president of the activist nonprofit People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or, PETA, after news hit the wires that that meat company’s iconic Wienermoblie had its catalytic converter removed and stolen during a publicity visit to Las Vegas.

In a letter she sent to Carlos Abrams-Rivera, executive vice president for Oscar Mayer and president of The Kraft Heinz Company – North America Zone, Newkirk offered for PETA to cover the cost of a replacement catalytic converter and vehicle maintenance for a year — if Oscar Mayer, established in 1883, converts its hot-dog-on-wheels to a vegan hot dog mobile. As it turns out, the wiener manufacturer is reportedly in the process of developing vegan hot dogs.

Newkirk suggested in her appeal the Wienermobile could be re-dubbed a NotDogmobile or “something similar.”

Newkirk explained her recommendation addresses the fact that worldwide demand for vegan hot dogs is rising, as the global market for plant-based hot dogs grew by 20 percent in 2022 and is projected to reach an overall market value of $1.99 billion by 2032.

“Since Americans’ appetite for cruelty-free foods is only growing, we hope you’ll relish this opportunity to ketchup with the trend by having at least one veggie dog mobile,” she wrote.

Newkirk’s letter listed potential health risks associated with eating hot dogs and cited a report issued by the World Health Organization that concluded eating processed meat represents the same cancer risk as smoking tobacco.

“Instead of slinging cancer-causing processed meat made from cows’ livers and pigs’ snouts, the Oscar Mayer NotDogMobile would dish up the delicious veggie dogs that today’s diners want,” Newkirk said. “PETA would relish the opportunity to help Oscar Mayer ketchup with the booming vegan food market.”

Data supplied by PETA suggests 79 percent of “Gen Zers,” those born between 1997 and 2012, don’t eat meat at least one day a week, while 65 percent have sought to overall follow a more plant-based diet.

Newkirk stated another “excellent reason” to consider at least one veggie dog mobile is that the lives of more animals would be spared by promoting “tasty vegan dogs,” which would earn Oscar Mayer a spot in “all compassionate hearts.

Pigs, cows, and other animals commonly used for hot dogs “are intelligent, sensitive individuals who feel pain and form strong bonds with others,” Newkirk continued.

She wrapped-up her letter by stating the ultimate goal is for everyone in the consuming public to recognize they now have various food options if they want to pursue a vegan diet – whether for ethical, environmental, health, religious or other reasons.

The Wienermobile that was victimized in Las Vegas is one of a fleet of six that have traveled across America for promotional events since Carl D. Mayer, the nephew of company founder Oscar Mayer (yes, there really was an Oscar Mayer) pitched his uncle on the idea a roving hot dog on wheels for publicity. The very first Wienermobile hit the pavement in 1936.

Abrams-Rivera, Kraft Heinz nor Oscar Mayer have responded yet to Newkirk’s offer — still apparently chewing everything over.