Saturday, May 18, 2024

The WEF Pushes “Brain Transparency,” As Reality Increasingly Resembles Sci-Fi Dystopia

For those of you that haven’t seen the movie Minority Report, it might be a good idea for you to find it somewhere and watch it.

Directed by Steven Spielberg, it’s based on a book that was written in 1956 by Phillip K. Dick. It’s a futuristic movie about a specialized police force that makes arrests using “foreknowledge,” which means they arrest people before they commit the crime, based solely on their thoughts.

Sounds futuristic right?  Well, not if Nita Farahany has her way.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, she floated the idea of using mind-reading devices in the workplace and elsewhere.

Farahany, who authored a book titled “The Battle for Your Brain,” gave a presentation called “Ready for Brain Transparency.”

“Existing consumer-wearable devices such as “headbands, hats that have sensors that can pick up your brain wave activity, earbuds, headphones, tiny tattoos that you can wear behind your ear, we can pick up emotional states,” said Farahany during the presentation.

“This technology will soon be integrated into ‘”‘multi-functional devices,'” she continued, “so that for example, the same earbuds used to take conference calls and listen to music would be laced with EEG sensors to pick up brain waves. It would then be possible to pick up and decode faces that you’re seeing in your mind, simple shapes, numbers, your pin number.”

She then pointed out that Mark Zuckerberg is already looking into ways to make devices universally applicable, which would allow someone to swipe with your mind instead of with a mouse or keyboard.

It’s surprising that a global Marxist would bring up something as sensitive as pin numbers. Normally they avoid discussing anything detrimental when they are breaking in a new idea to spy on us.

Of course, she later painted a scenario where naturally, these devices would make our lives better, by solving workplace problems. In one scenario she painted, truckers could be monitored so they wouldn’t fall asleep at the wheel. All they would need is a simple hat fitted with electro sensors that would measure their brain wave activity.

“In over 5,000 companies across the world, employees are already having their brain activity monitored to test for their fatigue levels,” Farahany added.

The Gateway Pundit reported the following on Farahany’s presentation:

“You can not only tell whether a person is paying attention or their mind is wandering, but you can discriminate between the kinds of things they are paying attention to,” gushed the presenter. “Whether they’re doing something like central tasks, like programming, peripheral tasks like writing documentation, or unrelated tasks like surfing social media or online browsing.

“When you combine brain-wave activity together with other forms of software and surveillance technology, the power becomes quite precise.”

A short video imagined a workplace of the future, in which an employee worries about her employer detecting “amorous feelings” for a coworker by reading her brainwave data but is pleasantly surprised when she gets a performance bonus for good “brain metrics” showing her productivity.

In the next scene, the government subpoenas employees’ brainwave data to find co-conspirators in a wire fraud scheme in the office.

“You discover they are looking for synchronized brain activity between your coworker and the people he has been working with. While you know you’re innocent of any crime, you’ve been secretly working with him on a new start-up venture. Shaking, you remove your earbuds.”

The presenter said the purpose of showcasing this dystopian mind-reading future was to highlight the “positive use cases” of brain monitoring technology because “what I don’t want the reaction to be is, let’s ban this.”

It seems that the new world order isn’t content anymore just to try and poison our minds, now they want to control them.

Do tinfoil hats work? We all might need one.