Saturday, May 18, 2024

VIDEO: Matt Gaetz Goes Nuclear On Ukraine

Boy, this doesn’t pull any punches.

We get a kick out of Gaetz, the most freewheeling member of Congress on either side of the political fence, precisely because he couldn’t care less what anybody thinks of him.

He’s reminiscent of Ron Paul back in the day, though Paul was mostly outspoken on the subject of the Fed and the budget, and his pacifistic foreign policy. Gaetz will pop off on just about any subject.

And on the question of Ukraine, Gaetz is definitely not wrong. We’re arming the Ukrainians and we’re funding their government, which is almost impossible to fathom given that interest alone on our own national debt is costing us more than half a trillion dollars a year. And the war there is days away from being a year old, with no end in sight.

When we now hear from Israel’s foreign minister that a cease-fire was on the table months ago and both the Ukrainians and Russians were willing to sign it but NATO would not.

It’s insane that no effort has been made to stop this war and the hemorrhaging of American dollars borrowed from China to pay for it.

Meanwhile, the American public, which has been amazingly docile on the subject of Ukraine, is beginning to turn. Joe Biden’s approval rating on Ukraine has been a key strength amid a public having little use for him on much of anything else, largely because of a lack of Republican criticism of his shoveling aid to the corrupt government there, but in a new poll he’s now down under 50 percent on Ukraine.

The war is going to turn septic with the American people, as it should. It isn’t in our interests to escalate it, and without an effort to make peace the Russians are going to continue pouring soldiers into the meat grinder. Eventually it’s likely that Ukraine will collapse, because they simply don’t have enough people to match the Russian effort regardless of how good they are at killing Putin’s conscripts and reinforcements in places like Bakhmut.

The worry is that as the Ukrainians run out of gas to stay in the fight, it will be U.S. and NATO manpower, and not just tanks and fighter jets donated to the cause, which sustains the effort. Eventually that means we’re no longer in a proxy war with Russia but a real war, and if we escalate so will they, and now you’re dealing with enemy action in Latin America, on the Korean peninsula, in the Middle East and who knows where else.

Wise leadership would have already commenced peace talks and made a satisfactory deal for the Ukrainians – a defensible border and a sustainable international profile. Instead it’s increasingly likely we’ll have a southeastern European forever war which benefits no one but China.

As Gaetz notes. And he isn’t wrong about that, either.