Friday, May 24, 2024

NAACP Asks Blacks to Boycott Florida over Ron DeSantis

The NAACP may soon advise black people it’s in their best interests not to move or even travel to Florida.

This is because Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis refuses to allow teachers to promote Critical Race Theory in the state’s public schools.

The organization’s Florida State Conference unanimously voted March 18 to ask the NAACP Board of Directors to issue a travel advisory for Florida, according to an NAACP statement.

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NAACP leadership is scheduled to review the Florida State Conference’s proposed resolution in May.

DeSantis recently blocked Florida’s public-school administrators from implementing a new high school Advanced Placement (AP) program due to its leftist political biases.

As The Wall Street Journal reported in January, that program promotes, among other things, reparations, Black Lives Matter, and “Black Queer Studies.

But there’s little reason to believe the NAACP boycott would dent all of Florida’s recent successes.

The Washington, D.C.-based Heritage Foundation last year analyzed all 50 states and ranked Florida No. 1 in its level of freedom in public education. As RVIVR reported last September, Heritage factored into account the state’s school choice programs, its transparency levels, regulatory freedoms, and spending.

“Parents are rightly upset when schools indoctrinate their kids with woke racial and gender ideologies that do not reflect their values and contradict the ideals that make our republic great,” according to the Heritage report.

According to numbers that the U.S. Census Bureau released in December, Florida, after decades of rapid population increases, is now the nation’s fastest growing state.

“Florida’s population increased by 1.9 percent to 22,244,823 between 2021 and 2022, surpassing Idaho, the previous year’s fastest-growing state,” Census officials announced at the time.

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“Florida’s percentage gains since 1946 have been impressive: its 2022 population is just over 9 times its 1946 population of 2,440,000. For the third most-populous state to also be the fastest growing is notable because it requires significant population gains.”

RVIVR reported at the time that Florida’s population has increased consistently since the end of World War II. The state’s population grew 8 percent during the 1950s and even during times when the U.S. population increase had slowed.

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