Saturday, May 18, 2024

A Tale Of Three Schools

Western culture is destroying our children. The left has taken off their gloves and are no longer trying to disguise the absurdity of what they are trying to do. My question is this, when will conservatives stop viewing these people as rational human beings? They Are Not! When will the conservatives stop equating the term “Conservative” with the adjective of Meek?

I understand that most on the right see themselves as rational, but you can’t fight crazy with passivity. The time to be reasonable with these psychopaths has passed. They are not preaching progressiveness. They are not preaching inclusion and they most certainly are not preaching equity. What they are pushing is division and chaos. Bottom line, they are Disturbed, Delusional, and Ignorant people pushing and promoting Pure Evil. Let me say that again. …. These Are Disturbed, Delusional, and Ignorant people pushing and promoting Pure Evil!

Here is a wakeup call to ALL conservatives. Step back, and REALLY take stock of the absolute bullsh*t that the left is shoving down our throats. By attacking our schools, and therefore our children, they have chosen it as their battleground of choice. They are relying on the timidness of conservatives to win. Conservatives tend to not want to “rock the boat” well, it’s too late. The boat is already rocking, and even though the right didn’t start it, if this country is going to remain as our forefathers and every generation since then has envisioned it, the time to stop this moral spiral into hell is now.

Here is a tale of just three schools. Mind you, this is happening everywhere. There are countless examples of this taking place even now as you’re reading it. It isn’t normal, and it must be stopped.

First, let’s travel to the Tri County Middle School in Howard City Michigan. Back in February of last year, the school took the children on a field trip and allowed a “relaxed” dress code.

Apparently, “relaxed” at this school only qualifies if you are of the same mindset as the Leftists in charge. Two children wearing “Let’s Go Brandon” sweatshirts and another wearing a Trump flag as a cape were ordered to remove them.

However, other students that were wearing gay pride hoodies and some using gay pride flags as capes were left alone.

The Foundation of Civil Rights and Expression (FIRE), which is an advocate for free speech as well as free thought is now representing the students.

In the suit, it is alleged that both an assistant principal and a teacher, “ordered the boys to remove the sweatshirts that featured a phrase critical of President Joe Biden while permitting other political attire like “gay-pride-themed hoodies.”

FIRE attorney Conor Fitzpatrick, said this in a statement:

“Criticism of the president is core political speech protected by the First Amendment. Whether it’s a Biden sticker, Let’s Go Brandon sweatshirt, or Gay Pride T-shirt, schools can’t pick and choose which political beliefs students can express. The slogan exists as a way to express an anti-Biden message without using profanity. A public school district cannot censor speech just because it might cause someone to think about a swear word.”

The suit, which was filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan, Southern Division, also states that the school district is, “censoring students who try to express support for former President Donald Trump or opposition to President Joe Biden.”

Another FIRE attorney, Harry Rosenthal, put it this way:

“These students should not only be allowed to express their political beliefs but should be encouraged to do so. America’s students must be free to exercise their constitutional rights, not just learn about them.”

Next, lets spin our way into deep Leftist territory up in Spokane, Washington. There we will find Whitworth University, who recently blocked a request by Turning Point USA to have Xi Van Fleet speak there.

Whitworth is a private supposedly “Christian” university, that somehow thought that allowing Van Fleet, who fled Maoist China to speak there would overload their delicate sensibilities.

You see Van Fleet, that actually lived through that terror, uses her platform to draw parallels between the woke culture and what she escaped from. She is a vocal critic of Critical Race Theory (CRT), cancel culture and ironically, the Left’s suppression of opposing viewpoints.

The student government, which obviously consists of nothing more than sniveling snowflakes, voted 9-4 to not allow Van Fleet to speak. The school’s government attempted to defend their cancel culture by saying, “they were fearful of her bringing views to campus that would be hurtful or offensive.”

Grace Stiger, Whitworth’s Turning Point USA Chapter President, said that tweets that were critical of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), Black Lives Matter and environmental justice were deemed as offensive by the government.

In an interview with Campus Reform, Van Fleet had this to say about the decision:

“What are they afraid of? Those people who believe in lived experience, then they are going to get the lived experience from me because I’m not talking about an idea that I read or researched or studied.”

She went on to say, “When you cancel people now, you have to be prepared to be canceled later.”

Our last stop (For today), Takes us to Ontario Canada. There we will find another supposedly Christian school that is being led by not only a Leftist school board, but a gutless one at that.

On Monday night, News reporter David Menzies, confronted the Trustees for the Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB). Addressing the WCDSB chair, Tracey Weiler, Menzies confronted her and the board with one of the board members own words.

Reading aloud a tweet of board member Wendy Ashby, in which she said that “white Christian males are the most dangerous creatures on the planet,” Menzies demanded to know, “Does this board condemn or approve of this statement?”

Proving that she herself is a Leftist, Weiler began and continued shouting “point of order” in an attempt to drown out and shut down Menzies question. After the question was asked, Weiler warned Menzies “that such behavior would result in your removal from this proceeding should it continue, please sit-down sir.”

Don’t you love how just asking a question, a VERY legitimate question, is deemed as offensive behavior by liberals? They love power and they use it on every level. That’s why no election, local or national is unimportant. In fact, on many levels as these examples demonstrate, even school board elections have major consequences in the fight for liberty.

Menzies replied to the threat by stating that he intended to ask Ashby directly, but because she decided to “sit this one out” he had no other choice than to ask the board’s opinion of the tweet. After being again told to “sit down,” Menzies, undeterred again asked, “Do you approve or condemn this racist, sexist, anti-Christian statement?”

After the question was asked again, the crowd of parents in the room erupted in applause and chants, wanting an answer to a legitimate question.

As you probably guessed, these gutless wonders hurriedly gathered up there papers and rushed out of the room. Not having the good sense to realize that by doing so, they had answered the question with their actions.

There is no choice. The left is a disease that has invaded our schools. Our righteousness and morality will act as our immunity, but we need to activate it with the outrage and condemnation it deserves.

Silence is often considered a good attribute. It is often said to be golden. In this case, against such a constant attack by the left, silence at this point can only be considered as yellow.