Saturday, May 25, 2024

Remembering the Forgotten American

Last weekend, I was driving through the back roads of rural Alabama. Scattered throughout these little-known byways, I saw clusters of run-down, dilapidated trailer homes. It truly pained me to see the visible struggles of my fellow Americans in these uncertain times

Unfortunately, this view has become a normal sight in much of rural America–particularly the Deep South and Appalachia regions. After the farming crisis of the 1980s and the offshoring of American manufacturing in the 1970s, rural America lost many of its farms and factories. Many people left their hometowns for the cities during those decades due to the dearth of economic opportunity. JD Vance’s iconic memoir Hillbilly Elegy (2016) encapsulates the decline of rural America (specifically the Appalachia region) by describing his life growing up in Middletown, Ohio.

After decades of terrible “free-trade” agreements and the resulting offshoring of American manufacturing, America’s globalist ruling class have enriched themselves and decimated America’s interior for the past several decades. Middle America–including most of rural America–is filled with the forgotten men and women of America. No one seemed to represent these forgotten Americans for years until a brash businessman crashed the political scene and change America forever.

Moving back to my drive in Alabama, I noticed that many of these trailer homes displayed Trump 2024 flags and American flags. You might wonder why these people love their nation so much. Why would people love a country that has seemingly abandoned them? At the end of the day, the people of Middle America know that America was once a great country and the potential is still there for America to be great again.

Fortunately, a man stepped up in 2015 to give a voice to the Forgotten America–that man was Donald J Trump. President Trump promised the Forgotten Americans that he would go to battle against the the entire Washington DC Political Establishment in order to make America great again. His revolutionary, anti-Establishment message in 2015/2016 is why millions of Forgotten Americans in Middle America still venerate President Trump to this day.

As a nation, we need to cast off the apathetic, self-centered attitude we have toward life. We need to desire the best for our fellow Americans–especially the ones who’ve been cast aside by the illegitimate American regime and the corrupt institutions/groups running our nation. Let’s play our part in remembering the “Forgotten Americans” of Middle America by putting America First once and for all. The America First patriots in this nation need to help elect America First leaders to public office and support these leaders in putting America First. That’s the task that we have ahead of us, and I pray that Christ will grant us success in this endeavor.

“It’s going to only be America First!’ – President Donald J Trump