Monday, May 20, 2024

It Looks More And More Like Joe Biden Is Cooked For 2024

There is no bench, something which is being proven conclusively with the Sideshow Bob rake-stomping tour that California governor Gavin Newsom put on over the past few weeks, but Team Biden and the Democrats are quickly running into a real problem.

Namely, that their own voters simply have no use for Joe Biden and don’t want him back for a second term.

A new Rasmussen poll has revealed that among Democratic voters, almost two thirds would like to see challengers run against Joe Biden, with less than 40 percent believing Biden should seek a second term.

The survey reveals that only 39 percent of voters believe Biden should run for reelection as president in 2024, while 48 percent are of the opinion that Biden shouldn’t run again.

The poll also notes that Sixty two percent of Democratic voters believe that if Biden does run for reelection next year, other Democrats should challenge him in the primaries.

Only 21 percent said they don’t want to see Democratic challengers to Biden.

The survey also found that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has announced he will be launching a 2024 campaign, is supported by forty-six percent of voters, with 18 percent saying they strongly support him.

More than half (52 percent) of Democratic voters said they would back RFK Jr.’s challenge, but he garnered even more support from conservatives:

Obviously, RFK, Junior is not going to survive much scrutiny with conservatives. But the fact he’s managed to poll as well as he has so far with no organization, no particular platform and really only a family name to go with years of anti-vaccine and radical environmental advocacy is something of a surprise.

It suggests that the Democrat Party is going to have trouble holding together its coalition out of a lack of common purpose and a real dearth of leadership.

The only thing really galvanizing Democrats is hatred of Donald Trump. Which would almost surely become hatred of Ron DeSantis if Trump isn’t the nominee.

But the question is how long the legs are to political hatred as a motivating factor in electoral strength. Eventually, even the hardest core of the radicals become weary.

2024 is beginning to look like a colossal opportunity for the GOP. Of course, so was 2022 and the party managed to blow that opportunity in spades. But while the media has played up the Trump-DeSantis conflict on the Republican side, perhaps the real news is how much trouble the incumbent is in with his own side.