Saturday, May 18, 2024

“Transgender Karens” In Classrooms Are Putting More Lives At Risk Than “Typhoid Mary,” Exponentially More

We all know that the justice system has been tiered for decades, but present-day injustices have reached epidemic proportions. Lady justice is no longer blindfolded and the scales are no longer equal until evidence is applied. No, the scales are now tipped undeniably to the left. Not only in whose prosecution is pursued, but what, if any punishment is rendered.

Now, we have a new layer of injustice to add to a system that already isn’t trusted by most Americans. Let’s call this new layer, “fear of retribution, regardless of consequences.”

First, let me get this off of my chest.

I Am So Sick Of Mentally Unstable People, Trying To Dictate What Normal Is In American Society!

Transgenders Are Mentally Ill. There ARE TWO (2) SEXES! If You Don’t Believe That Then YOU ARE ALSO MENTALLY ILL. Don’t Even Think About Coming At Me With Some Lame “Inclusivity” Argument. These People Are Sick, And If You Agree, Sympathize, Or Encourage This Sickness, Then You Are A “Transgender Karen” And You Need To Be Quarantined Until Reality Sinks In!

On March 24th, A man, dressed as a woman, that teaches math for grades 6-8 at Fox Chapel Middle school, in Hernando County, Florida made some very disturbing comments.

First Question: How is a man named Alexander Renczkowski, who puts on a dress, and changes his name to Ashlee Belle, even allowed to enter a school, far less become a teacher there? 

Apparently, this school district was so afraid of repercussions, that their standards dropped through the floor. I have noticed that this is a persistent theme of leftist ideologies. Liberal ideologies are inversely proportional to higher standards. The more Marxist ideologies you accept, the lower your standards become. Oh, you get brownie points for being “woke,” while everything around you goes to hell.

So, what were these disturbing comments that Alex made? Well, on March 24th the school’s resource officer was contacted by both the assistant principal, Kerry Thornton and guidance counselor, Kimberely Walby. They told the officer that Alex, “just made concerning statements about self-harm and then possibly making statements about shooting students.”

OK, let me guess. The school resource office advised all involved that Alex needed to be removed immediately, and “Baker Acted” for a minimum of three days until his mental stability was confirmed. Whereby, realizing their mistake in hiring him in the first place, he would be let go.


The resource officer visited the teacher and inquired about how “She” was feeling. To which Alex responded, “Not good, I’m having bad thoughts.”

OK, let me guess. The officer walked Alex out of the room so the students couldn’t see what was taking place. Once in the hallway, Alex was handcuffed, for his own protection and escorted to the office.


Alex was walked down to the assistant principal office, where he was questioned about his statements.

When Alex was asked about the comment he made concerning shooting students, guidance counselor Walby  immediately came to his aid stating that Alex would never harm a student.

Alex went on to explain that he had a meeting on March 27th with a new therapist and that he was looking forward to that meeting. He then added that he was planning on allowing a family member to take his three (3) firearms and ammunition for safekeeping.

Firearms? OK, let me guess. Now the officer did handcuff Alex, for his own protection, and called for additional officers.


Instead, the school district’s mental health coordinator, Sandra Hurst was contacted. She came to the school and conducted a “threat assessment” on Alex. It was her assessment that Alex was not a candidate for involuntary “Baker Act” Commitment.

The sheriff’s department did visit Alex’s home and took possession of the weapons and ammunition. A judge then issued what is known as a “permanent risk protection order.” That type of order used to almost guarantee that the firearms would never be returned, but now, who knows? Alex may be able to pick them up at a pick-up window and never even see the inside of a court room to regain custody.

So Alex was allowed back in the classroom the very next day.

What about the parents? Were they immediately informed?


The parents only found out about the incident after a local reporter, Tom Lemons, caught wind of the story. As for the school, it took seventeen (17) days to contact the parents.

This past Wednesday, the Hernando County Sheriffs office released the following statement:

“On 3/24/23 the HCSO was notified of and did investigate an event at Fox Chapel Middle School. The investigation revealed that no criminal offense occurred; therefore, no arrests could be made. Further, Deputies at that the individual at that moment, meet the required criteria for involuntary commitment under the Baker Act.”

So what “triggered” Alex? Well, it turns out that our Mr. is waiting to pretend becoming a Ms. By undergoing something called a “no-depth vaginoplasty.”

While awaiting this mystical surgery, that is essentially putting lipstick on a pig and changes nothing genetically, or Alex’s chromosomes, he is on both hormonal treatment and drugs treating depression.

What could go wrong?

By the way, Alex’s “Wife” identifies as a “mermaid.”

Look, What I’m about to say is going to sound very harsh, but this Twilight Zone fantasy has gone on long enough. Transgenders are mentally ill and need help. Every leftist that endorses or encourages this behavior is spreading a disease, the only difference is that this disease is a mental deficiency.

Naturally, those of us that offer mental health counseling as a solution are ridiculed by the left. They want to appear more noble, by accepting the illness and encouraging it as normal.

There is nothing normal about lying. By encouraging this, they are demonstrating their disgust for the disease. They don’t want to help the individuals; they want to create another base of voters.

When you were young and your parents told you not to dive into the river because the water was too shallow, they weren’t trying to control you, they were protecting you.

The Democrats are telling these people to ignore reality, the water is as deep as whatever you want it to be, …. go ahead, dive in.

The problem is that in many cases, they don’t dive alone. So we not only lose them, but we also lose those within their sphere of influence.

Stop this madness. Help, for God’s sake don’t encourage it.