Sunday, October 01, 2023

Don’t Be Fooled, The Left’s New Tactic Is A Lie. Stay Vigilant, Stay “Un-Woke”

The lefty is lying, what a shock. When their aggression and ignorance fail they resort to manipulation, projection, and guilt. Do Not Be Fooled, we have been reduced to counterpunchers, but counterpunchers can win.

The left loves to be the aggressor, then fall back into victim mode. Backed the entire time by woke elitist politicians, Hollywood celebrities and of course the head up their arse MSM. The problem is conservatives can’t allow themselves to be fooled. We need to keep countering and body punching the woke left’s tactics. My favorite boxer is Joe Frazier. “Smokin Joe” had a saying, “If you kill the body, the head will die” and the same applies to the left’s push and withdraw tactics.

Schools, corporations, politicians, and every facet of the woke left are all pushing an unrealistic LGBTQ mantra. Worse, they are attacking our children with their perverted agenda. UNDERSTAND …. THEY ARE ATTACKING US, WE ARE ONLY PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN AND ON A LARGER SCALE CIVILIZED SOCIETY.

So when Target placated us and moved their perversions to the back of some stores, they were simply using deception to try and fend off a monetary hit. Yet, even that small nothing burger of a move was enough to enflame one of the left’s ring leaders Gavin Newsome.

Newsome tweeted:

“CEO of Target Brian Cornell selling out the LGBTQ+ community to extremists is a real profile in courage. This isn’t just a couple stores in the South, there is a systematic attack on the gay community happening across the country. Wake up America. This doesn’t stop here. You’re black? You’re Asian? You’re Jewish? You’re a woman? You’re next.” 

Notice how Newsome switches gears? First, he criticizes the Target CEO, then attempts to change the narrative by lying about conservatives attacking the left.

Look, Newsome is pissed because the Target CEO made a minimal adjustment, that should alert you to how seriously they intend to jam this bullsh*t down America’s throat. He then played the victim, claiming that it was the left under attack and proceeded to play the race, religion, and gender cards all at once.

The left is attacking us every single day. Endlessly trying to groom our children in schools with filthy literature, drag queens, and LGBTQ rally’s and parades. Corporations are claiming to promote equality, by throwing true equality out the window in favor of diversity. The left’s equity isn’t equity at all. It’s exclusion of quality and rational evaluation in favor of lowering standards to be irrationally diverse.

Yet, whenever conservatives put their foot down and say enough is enough by boycotting their ridiculous woke agendas, they pretend that they are the ones under attack. What they want is total submission. They want the world to think that conservatives are attacking them when the EXACT OPPOSITE IS TRUE.

June 1st  starts “pride month.” They are going to ramp up their LGBRQ blitz, as well as their denial of the truth. We need to remain vigilant and ramp up our boycott’s and disgust to display true solidarity against their wickedness.

The left is not weird, the left is evil. Being woke represents death, standing up to death means fighting for life.

Don’t be dissuaded by the left’s guilt spears. They are wrong, we are right. They started the fight, they are continuing the fight, but we will end the fight.

Keep counterpunching, keep boycotting, stay strong and ignore the rhetoric. Remember, “If you kill the body, the head will die.”