Saturday, September 30, 2023

Adventures in Clown World: May 2023 edition

Welcome to Clown World. A place where memes are illegal, where criminals go unpunished, obesity is the norm, where men dress up as women, and many more absurd things happen.

In 2023, the inmates are running the asylum. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t sit back and laugh sometimes. Times have been pretty tough for the last three years, so it’s important to take a step back and poke fun at the absurdities that the Regime is promoting in America society.

With that introduction, let’s dive into three absurd stories from the past month. I hope enjoy “Adventures in Clown World: May 2023 edition”:

1. Seattle Firefighters combatting anti-racism

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the Seattle Fire Department is now requiring candidates to verse themselves in the “anti-racist” scholarship in order to become a lieutenant firefighter. We all know the DEI ideology has gotten out-of-hand, but even I wasn’t aware of DEI infecting Fire Departments before this recent article.

Apparently, the Chief of the Seattle Fire Department was concerned last year about how the Fire Department consists white men. So, this effort to rid the Seattle Fire Department of white men through “anti-racist” exams should come to no surprise.

Here is an excerpt from the Washington Free Beacon article about the Seattle Fire Department exam:

Firefighters who sat for the 2021 lieutenant’s exam said How To Be an Antiracist was an integral part of it, while basics like fire behavior took a back seat. ‘If I had only read that one book, I would have done really well,’ said Andy Pittman, a former member of the Seattle Fire Department. What we should be studying—high rise fires, water supply—wasn’t emphasized as heavily.‘”

In short, the Seattle Fire Department exemplifies just what a Fire Department looks like in “Clown World“–where your abilities and qualifications as a firefighter mean absolutely nothing.

2. Lindsey Graham states that Russians Dying is the “Best Money We’ve Ever Spent”

This past week, video footage came out from the Republican party’s disgraceful, “America Last” neo-con Lindsey Graham. Senator Graham was caught on video stating “… the Russians are dying, and it’s the best money we’ve ever spent”.

This vile rhetoric understandably angered the Russian government–leading Russia’s Interior Ministry to issue an arrest warrant for Lindsey Graham. Senator Graham also called for the assassination of Russian president Vladimir Putin a few months ago. So, he’s definitely earned the ire of Russia.

Senator Graham shows us that “Clown World” is truly a Bipartisan effort. Only in “Clown World” does a country send money to a corrupt oligarchy (i.e. Zelensky and the Ukrainian government) instead of securing its own border. Just remember that clowns like Lindsey Graham have allowed millions of illegal aliens to invade our country in recent years.

3. A Violent Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago

Far-left mayor Brandon Johnson is off to a poor start as the new mayor of Chicago. Over 40 people were shot, and 9 people were murdered over Memorial Day weekend in Chicago.

Last month, I wrote an article about the mayoral election of Brandon Johnson and the bleak future of Chicago. Unfortunately, my analysis of the situation surrounding Chicago seems fairly accurate. Crime persists as a major issue in Chicago, but the new “weak-on-crime” mayor of Chicago has no plans to improve the situation.

Chicago was once a prosperous, world-class city–the crown jewel of America’s Mid-West. Now, it’s a crime-filled dump. The decline of Chicago is nothing to cheer on and is one of the crowning achievements of “Clown World“.

Only in “Clown World” are thugs allowed to run rampant and victimize law-abiding citizens. Farewell to Chicago.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the May 2023 edition of “Adventures in Clown World”. Stay tuned for next month’s edition!