Saturday, May 18, 2024

Is Your Town Ready for an Illegal Alien Invasion?

If you followed any major conservative publication over the last few years, you know at least 5.5 million aliens have crossed the border since Slow Joe Biden took office. No doubt, you were also aware of the crime, drugs disease and strain on our financial and natural resources they brought with them. Everyone has a picture in their mind of those long winding lines of poor wretched souls marching through the desert and crossing the border unimpeded.

Yet, if we’re honest, we’ll admit that while we’re outraged at the stunning lack of competency in the Department of Homeland Security, the effect of the border invasion on our daily lives has been negligible. Illegal immigration has been mostly a big city and rural problem. For most people, the illegal alien crisis is purely existential.

Until now.

Since President Trump’s Title 42 protections expired on May 11th, the rush across the border intensified, which has strained sanctuary cities to their breaking point. Major municipalities, which have already deteriorated into third world cesspools in many cases, are facing a humanitarian crisis of unimaginable proportions. They are finding there is a limit to the wealth you can confiscate before the free money eventually runs out. Leftist mayors are overwhelmed and cracking under the pressure.

So, how are they coping? As you might have guessed, they’re not. Instead, woke mayors are pushing the problem off on surrounding towns and villages.

Mayor Eric Adams believes New York City “is being destroyed by the migrant crisis,” as more than 61,000 illegal aliens have arrived since the spring. Despite its sanctimony and self-declaration as a “sanctuary city,” Adams now wants to dump his problem on his neighbors. Adams recently unveiled a plan that includes sending 340 male aliens to hotels outside of New York’s jurisdiction into Orange and Rockland counties.

Naturally, the response from the counties was swift and forceful. County Executives issued a State of Emergency that prohibited hotels in Orangeburg and Newburgh from accepting any of New York’s illegal alien population under threat of suspending their certificates of occupancy. In Rockland County, the Sheriff’s Department posted guards outside one of the targeted hotels, the Armoni Inn and Suites, as a precaution.

Both counties immediately filed an injunction to stop the transfer.

On May 16, a New York State Supreme Court justice ruled that New York City is prohibited from sending any more aliens to either county, but the 186 that already made it into Newburgh hotels will be allowed to stay indefinitely.

They’ll be Coming to Your Town Soon Enough

Be aware that this phenomenon is not isolated to New York. Chicago has been transporting illegals to the suburbs since 2022, and as the crisis deepens, we should expect more of the same, especially in towns adjacent to sanctuary cities.

As with everything that emanates from the soiled mind of Woke, you can count on the fact that the effort is deliberate. Leftists are determined to subject your town to the same scourge of illegal immigration the cities succumbed to years ago. The peace, happiness and tranquility associated with suburban living is a constant irritant to these people, and it’s a high priority on their list of American institutions they want to destroy.

The federal government, and states like California, are using the threat of reduced funding to force small towns to build high-density, low-cost housing. They want to shift the burden of homelessness and drug addiction from the cities out to the suburbs, so the deadbeats and illegals can engorge themselves on the wealth of the area until the town’s economic base collapses and its unique character is crushed. Remember, Woke does not believe in collective prosperity, but they do believe in shared misery.

Actively bringing the horror of illegal immigration out to the suburbs is another manifestation of the same effort. These cities couldn’t wait to preach sanctimony from the highest hilltop, but their words now ring hollow as they face the consequences of their faux piety. By moving the illegal alien population to the suburbs, woke leftists can kill two birds with one stone. They alleviate the economic and cultural chaos they have brought upon themselves, and they also further the effort to destroy suburbs, which they hate.

My advice? If you live in a town close to one of these sanctuary cities, find out what your mayor, city council and city manager will do when the first busload of illegal aliens shows up at a local hotel. Be warned, this is no longer an existential threat. It’s coming to your doorstep.